Associated Idea(s)

The user can capture the picture of food they are about to eat and find out the amount of calorie it contains and alerts if it is consumable or not.

An Elliptical Single Shot Pool game.

Mobmark is for those addicts addicted to movies or books (or both) who are in continual search of recommendation as per their interest and flavour. 

My Voice, an app for children who stutter, to provide them with fluency shaping technique by connecting with speech pathologist and fellow stutters.

Team is full.

An app for HER (and anybody who cares for her) that will help her through every steps of her womanhood.

Find Shortest route to all locations you want to visit on the basis of cost,time(both or any other basis of your choice).

Photos relating to Nepal in Wallpaper as a promotion to Nepalese Tourism