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Team's idea in one sentence

Nepal's first curated online marketplace for off-the-beat travel experiences.

Problem solved by the application

Under traditional tourism packages offered by tour operators in  Nepal, travellers are promised exactly what they are seeing or doing and what's not before ever setting foot on their destination.

But something is missing!

Because in reality, they rarely get more than a glimpse of
the places they plan to visit.

We believe that Nepal has more to offer than just treks and tours. There are stories aching to be told, cultures waiting to be explored, flavors waiting to be tried, trails waiting to be discovered, events waiting to be attended and off-the-beat travel experiences waiting to be unfolded.

And, behind these experiences, there are people. People who want nothing more than to share their way of life with others.

The problem is these people are nowhere to be found when
we plan our travels.

Atleast not yet.

Dammi! platforms will connect you passionate hosts who will take you on one-of-kind tours and events that your will never forget.

We do all the hard work of searching for interesting things to do around Nepal and contacting the people who would love to host them, while taking away the stress of uncertainty that the experience is going to be great.

We make sure each tour or event is easy to book straight away or request a booking for later. We also provide the information about the hosts and reviews of the users who have already experienced them.

All you need to do is book and have fun!

Main functions and elements of the application

-Search and book unique and exciting travel experiences and events across Nepal with just three taps.


-Get to know the details and location of the activity or event and the host before deciding to book.


-Filter experiences by price, categories and location.


-Advanced Search For Experiences with Google-Voice Search.


-Instant book request, receive confirmation by email, pay later to the host.


-Call the host directly for more information about the experience/event.


-Rate travel experiences on the basis of five related categories.

-Request you own custom travel experiences/events.

-Offer your own travel experience/event. (For Hosts)

-Share Your Instagram Pictures under #dammiexperience

Targeted audience of the application

1. Travellers/Adventure Seekers/Holiday Makers

2. Foodies

3. Culture/Art Lovers

*The above targeted audience will be primarily of age-group between 20-40 years

4. Dammi! Hosts (individual guides, businesses, local people, photographers, food experts etc or basically experts at what they do)

*Dammi hosts will be carefully handpicked by the Dammi! team and reviewed by the users themselves to make sure that they meet our vision and criteria.

Main benefits of the application


Traveller: Will be able to request or book off-the-beaten-path and exciting travel experiences/events in Nepal.

Dammi! Hosts: Will be able to upload activities/events that guarentee personalized experiences and encourage cultural connections.


Platforms in which application will be developed in Android

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Abhushan Gautam (Team Leader)
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