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Team's idea in one sentence

A gaming app that challenges users to create a map of Nepal by putting together broken down map parts into correct positions.

Problem solved by the application

At a time when the country is undergoing a heated debate on federalism and how the states should be delineated, this app will serve as a symbolic reminder that Nepal needs to unite by joining states creatively, not by dividing them baselessly.

Main functions and elements of the application

-Users can challenge other players to play after completing a map.

-Users can choose the type of map they want to complete (administrative, geographical, tourist etc)

-Users can time their solving skills and set records for other to break.

-Some incentives like hints or bonus tip could be provided to the user after earning certain points.

-App could contain various federal models that have been proposed in the past by the leaders.




Targeted audience of the application

-Anyone above the age of 10. (Contains varying levels)

Main benefits of the application

-Users will get to test their knowledge about the correct map of Nepal.

-User will gain knowledge about the position of cities, districts, headquarters and other important places in Nepal's map.

-Users will get to channelize their nationalistic sentiments into something productive and creative.


Platforms in which application will be developed in Android, iOS

Team Members

Abhushan Gautam (Team Leader)