To provide Web and Mobile Ad Solution.

An app that lists down the official market price of the basic daily commodities.

Application to take photos and search for nearby places where you can spend your quality time

"English filili" is a two way learning source, for nepalese to learn english and for foreigner to learn nepali language. 

The only travel utility app in Nepal

An social delivery app that allows users to request travelers/commuters traveling to their location to deliver their products on the way.

aawaz is a social voting app that lets user ask a question and lets friends,followers,public rate the answers by choosing from the given options.

Advely is a mobile advertising solution that enables the users to interact with static advertisements in magazines and newspapers.

It is an Office Time Productivity enhacer application which could be used by an office to increase there productivity.

AjakoSpecial is a mobile app which helps restaurants around Kathmandu to share and promote their special food items/services among people/food lovers.

App that shows the possible routes to the destination along with information on available public

App to find your lost android Phone.

An app that allows to acees any other app or act as a browser from a single app called app of apps.

lock the app like - facebook, viber, messanger, whatsapp, wechat etc.

App that lets users know about all the happening events around them based on their interests.

To create MULTI MUSIC PLAYER which can play music on two nor more smartphone simultaneously resulting large sound (due to resonance )

Mobile, web security app that provides and saves unique encrypted passwords & usernames for different web services' profiles.

App that handles information/subscription of services offered by network provider, balance transfer and recharge operation in a smart way.

An application to monitor and keep track of your phone balance.

An e-commerce app that help user to budget, review and plan their business.

My idea is to implement the bluetooth bandwidth for making phone call and texting.

The app enables user to buy and sell their second hand items online. 

Best price for any product you want to buy.

BhansaGhar is an app which allows the users to get necessary kitchen supplies delivered in their doors; Water Jar, LPG (cooking) gas and grocery items

App that help you to find out the information about the relationship and bio-details of the member in the family chain or herity.

Your buses are not always in time, but with this app, you can be right on time for them.

An app to solve all the problems related to buses in Nepal. :)

An app to help navigate visually impaired people through obstacles in their daily environment.

An Apps that assists people to get urgent information and contact number of Schools, Hospitals, Banks, Cinemas etc. inside Ktm Valley

App that let users to check for events, plays, movies and other entertainment activities happening around you and book an

Place to find your next work space. Need a place to work for a day/week/month or year? We find it for you.

Its an app to download the facebook synchronised photo.

an app that plays you a random song after one takes break from long work or study

This app gives people information about bus departure time of different bus service provider in main cities of nepal.

A weather forecast theme launcher, working and displaying a motion wallpaper detailing about the current weather with measuring of temperatue.

Connect and communicate with your home appliances.

This app calls cab the nearest location of the user

You see deals/discounts scattered throughout the city on a

An app that can be used your cell phone as a trackpad for your laptop and PC through wireless.


Accounting for individual to keep track of daily and overall financial transactions and help maintain ones economy.

App that lets users share writings anonymously with fellow users who can act as editors and critics to help enhance.

The idea is to connect the passangers and the nearby taxi drivers.

Our app is for recharging your phone bills using QR code system.

It's a simple app which takes pictures or shoot videos and can instantaneously share it to Facebook,Twitter or Instagram.

This app track the location of the user (not in condition to drive) and sends professional driver to drop him/her home on their own vehicle.

A handheld application which will help students to find proper place to study based on their requirements(i.e fee structure, rank, location etc).

Build a social network of willing private vehical owners and non-owners to create database of starting and ending point of pre-planned travel.

it provide the cost of all most all thing such as cost of transportation, cost of the food around you etc as prescribed by the nepal goverment.

Recharge in click

this app use VPN 2 cnnct othr mobile n use its camera s cc camera n 2 use its temprature sensr 2 act s fire alarm n call the no. at emergncy aftr 1min

To provide the facility to calculate and maintain the records of different services like telephone bill, electricity bill, drinking water bill etc.

Citing the lack of digital data regarding Nepalese business, politics, film industries etc., we want to build a data lab inspiring people to use

Reliable and instant delivery of product from online shopkeepers(facebook fanpage/e-commerce) with constant online checking or update of product route

Design my Room is a mobile app that will allow you to design your room virtually with 3D views of furnitures and also trading them.

An app that lets you know about the events, sale offers, restaurants, movies and more based within the radius of your current location.

Real time Disaster alert, notification and disaster assesment via smart devices using location based services.

Know where the deals and discounts are

This app provides infos about training center,Documents,Rules,Q&A for getting Driving License.

Drop me here is all to call taxi at your location.Cab solution for kathamandu valley.

Alarm alert whenever there is earthquake.

Detecting Earthquake based on the volunteered accelerometer data from different locations & getting directions to the shortest safe places.

App that provides information about recent and past earthquakes in Nepal along with real-time notification, safety tips, warnings and so on.

easServ acts like menu card on cutomer smartphone and uses local server on lappie to fetch item list and help order food on particular table

This application will help the users to find necessary information required in order to complete their work in governmental offices of Nepal

App to know the second hand books available for exchange or sale.

This app helps in all the rental business' like house rent,room rent,vehicle rent ,equipment rent,things rent etc in effective and efficient way

App to track the current vehicle position and estimate the arrival time to the selected destination

Save your credit card details and transfer cash from one account or card to another (including transfer between national and international cards)

App that creates visually appealing, distinct & artistic pictures by processing the sounds and words dear to you, using a unique formula.

Eco Commerce is an app which allows you to plant trees on specified sites from your smart phone.

A product that allows user to download emergency contacts for his/her location like ambulance, police and add important personal number and details.

Provide access to available nearest EPCI E=Electrician, P=Plumber, C=Cable, I=Internet at MVP stage and expanding service providers later.

App Flow

An app that connects teachers to student and employers to employees!

Financial app to buy, sell and bid daily commodities including bullions at Real time price or the price you think is best for you 

Semantic organization of peoples' experiences or info in question answer form so that user can search for things search engine can't provide

Expenditure Notifier is an app which keeps track of your daily as well as monthly expenditure, shows it in graphical format.

Apps that lets users to find best books (best writer's book) for their levels(Loksewa,Bachelor,Master,+2,etc) available in the market with price.

This app will estimate the transportation cost of total distance travelled by the user from their phone.

An applica

App to know the festival special food and guides you to make those food, apparatus required.

An app that fights financial illiteracy in Nepal by empowering people to ask and answer complex investment questions. 

Never Miss your favorite episode/channel


an app for all food lovers..feel free to share your recipe and express ur foodie behaviour to entire world cause its all about food

An android app which displays the current gas cylinder rate and sends gas cylinder request to desired gas cylinder providers.

just like sharing internet through hotspot, what if we could share network.

Make your home and surrounding healthier and greener .

Guides students,learners to their interested course,subject; helps them finding respective college/teaching/training institution with all comparison.

It is all about helping Students to Remember during Exams periods important notes.

H2O schedule + swipe to call & complain to water boards & authority as per area/group.

When you recharge your Prepaid account for 10 times using our app, a tree will be planted in your name.

An app that details all the public transportation routes in the city.

A handyman that connects local electricians, painters, plumbers, carpentars, computer technicians to you.

To provide the student hostel app in which they can find the hostels of their choice.

This helps to upload all the details of the Rental rooms in Nepal, where Owner keeps the room details & interested one can apply for hiring.

the expenditure of single day is to be inserted and the total amount of money spend on a month is calculated at the end of the month.


Homemade helps every homemaker in the country become an entrepreneur by allowing them to use their kitchen as an a

App to let people try out different looks and outfits with various haircuts and beard, outfits and colors before acutally getting that in real life.

It tracks the vehicle's current position and estimates the arrival time to the selected destination.

track  any  person who are  trekking or on a way to climb mountains and those who are trapped in a place where they can lose life. 

It is a kind of family private network application where family memeber can communicate with each other and can trace their family member location dur

Application where ideas and problems will be shared of any field and get solution of it from experts users

Finds its users the best Insurance & Financial solutions across all options and delivers it to them.

Mobile Launcher App that analyses user behavior to manage icons(apps & buttons) placements and adaptive design.

Interested IN is an app that connects the people together having common interest and objectives.

This project will control operation of switching of light, waterpump, dryer etc. of home/Industry using web & android mobile via internet.

App allows to report social,economic,political and almost every ascept of national issues to the

App that collects the voices of people what they wants on the country and send those voices to a place where goverment will listen.

App that gives knowledge of every games from local level to international level with all the facts and figures

Any one can Buy and sell goods (any goods that can be either first hand or second hand )

This app give platform to solve problem regarding human resources or helper.

App that gives information on all the live fixtures on any tv channel

This is an app that will change the way you look at shopping. It will take shopping to whole new level; it will revolutionize shopping. 

App that helps buy and sell pre-owned books in cheaper prices.

Planned your wedding?, "Knot Near" will help you realize your wedding just the way you want pampering you with choices.

Important telephone number of all sector of Nepal.

need anybody around for anything? Just login Koi cha

Kotha khalicha would be useful for all individual, business person and others around the people in nepal who are searching room, flat, house on rent.

An app to provide information about public vehicles providing their service in Kathmandu.

The app will let the users search for companies to apply for an intern and also will provide infromations regarding ongoing trainings near them.

Try out virtual eyewear and find out the one that fits you.
See the products in 3d at home before you buy..

Its for children of small age who havent started to go to the school they can ABC 123 etc at the last there is game for them to present learning

app that helps intrested people get a driving license by informing schedule, location and provide enough knowledge to pass the driving license exam

This app is to remind people of the things to buy or do whenever they approach the respective places without the need of having active data connection

An app which shares the price of local products like vegetables,fruits etc.

to promote local language of the country and made computer friendly which preserve the cultural and heritage of the country.

Know where your buddies(homies) at.

To solve the problem of entering numbers while recharging the money balance in mobile network from recharge card.

In this App a user can post his lost accessories and the app will circulate the post throughout its users to help the user find his lost accesories

This app helps to make friend while visiting new places and notify if old friend is nearby.

To develop an app that will help to prepare the best possible food item from the ingredients provided by the user as well as provide other food recipe

Our idea is to develop an app that makes smart app search and tries to give the most relevant apps for the user to choose from.

An app that track down the current location of yours and send it to the professional driver  to drop you home safely.

An app which give all in one information i.e:Transportation fares,Flight schedule, fuel,gold,money exchange,government office,rashifal and many more. aims to become a mobile application that includ

The app lets the user rate the restaurant by service, food and also shows the near best restaurants as rated using GPS.

This app helps you to locate your friends on map helping you to meet them instantly, also you can use it for IM and a recommendation for meeting place

Track your Money flow to regulate income and expences .

This is two way app that makes user to exchange Nepali currency to dollars /.. .And tourist to exchange their currency to nepali currency.

App to know whether the person you are dealing with has crime free status

Mero Generation is the app that keeps the records of your ansestors ,comming generation records and find the relation linked between different people.

App that helps tracking/managing users life with the feature of emergency contact no. (expandable) in case they fall into such situation...

App helping to meet vehicle owner wanting to share vehicle and someone wanting lift, shares same road,and benefits both.

Government Services (Offices and Officials to visit, Ways to get services, Places to visit to make additional documents) at a glance

My Voice, an app for children who stutter, to provide them with fluency shaping technique by connecting with speech pathologist and fellow stutters.

Politicians don't do what they promised,this app would provide interface between public 

Let's chat,share gifts,play games,get news,call friends with Nepa Chat!!

Be your own legal advisor and solve other cases smartly referencing each article and clause of the new constitution 2072.


From this application layman to profesnol people can easily study & discission on Nepleas legal political system & issue with user log-in.

One Helpline app for all nepalese citizen without data connection also.

A simple app to make phone calls and send sms using your sim card even when you are outside the mobile network coverage.

Team up and enjoy multiplayer battle field with your own country fellows. Find online players form different part of your country.

A Nepali keyboard application with spelling correction.

Our App - NepaliAwaaz helps the voice of Nepalese to be heard by the Government

App that keeps track of your Mobile Balance and other information of your network.

NepEd+ is an app that provides full academic information about universities, their colleges and their courses both privately and publicly.


Newsify will allow users to read local and global newspapers all in one place, subscribing to preferred portals and get headlines.

Nidarr is a self help app designed to provide secure and private platform to report gender based violence and access needed information instantly.

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An android apps where user can read all local newspapers  of Nepal.

All in one real time news app. 

an app to

Occasions is an app that has notifies users of upcoming event and has templates, where user can choose to create semi-custom card for such occasions.

An app that is going to mitigate all task & procedures related problems for people in government offices of Nepal.

It is an App that provides the user with all the day to day tools, all in one place.

A cross university platform for Nepali students to share, work on projects and debate on sensational topics and showcase their skills.

An app that allow user to transfer balance from one account to another without going to bank.

Online payment gateway for Nepali consumers and businesses.

A hardware merged app that indicates water level status on any reservoir , provides ON/OFF control remotely from the app and helps maintain usage log.

An app that allows users to view the statistics on various queries and lets them perform related statistical analysis by posting queries themselves

order your vehicle for your purpose.

App to manage waiting time in queue so that both the waiting party and serving party can benefit.

Help people find a vehicle for hire based on gps location: TAXI, TRUCKS, MINI VANS, CARS, PICKUPS, TOUR BUS, ESCAVATOS, TANKERS, TRACTORS, BIKE, MTB

PARIKAR helps consumers save money and reduce food waste by suggesting recipes base

An app that lets you  electronically transact  money with in Nepal like Paypal does internationally .

Providing peoples views/opinions/feedback about the current scenario of the country and also peoples problem.

 The people can share the experience of using the app with each other , every person can share ideas about the app with the random people in a group.

An application which give upto date information about fuels,gold,loadsheding,money exchange,share market in single touch.

App to provide easy and flexible access to video feed from security cameras with notification of security breach, face detection and motion detection.

A single app that holds all phone numbers of registered organizations i.e digital yellow pages.

This app organizes the photos that you take with your phone into albums based on the location

Your photos, your memories, your creativity anywhere anytime.

An app that provides information relating official (governmental) works and prepares necessary documents templates if required any.

Createst smart playlist from your album according to your mood.

An app that provides information about events ,weather,highway obstruction and traffic update happening in different cities of our country.

This application helps to get information about traffics, traffics jams and road conditions

Allow user to campare 

App where user post their questions and other users provide answers, then the user select best answer and rate answers.

The app will control your presentation slides using bluetooth connection.

We will provide users with the rates fixed by the different gov.organization along with the connection to concern office. 

App that allows profile (including wifi, data) to switch automatically based on location,time etc.

This App will create a lock screen and based on code inserted mobile will open in different modes hiding important informations,solving privacy issues

If anyone had tried calling you while your phone was switched off or out of network coverage, this app notifies you right after you switch it on.

'Public Bus Tracker' apps able to find out the location, upcoming scheduled and estimated arrival time of your public vehicle.

This is the simplest way to get updated with usefull open contact that can be usefull anytime.

Quake simulator is earthquake simulation app which provides detailed response data than laboratory test results at a lower cost for

Student Guide for their career according to their interest.

Convenient rent search and support service.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)Recharge Facility

Create social network of avid book readers to recommend and exchange books among themselves.

A place for all book lovers to share thier experience with any book, trade and sell the book they own with other book enthusiast.

Social recommendation app.

RecycIT provides ideas to users on recycling domestic wastes and ultimately promotes recyling and entrepreneurship as well.

Creative ideas, methods and ways to come up to recycle and reuse our waste product & utilities & possibly monetize or economize them.

An app that alert notification before you cross your destination.

A simple android application that acts as a remote for Powerpoint presentaions, Mouse & Keyboard, VLC Remote and a simple joypad.

Find suitable room, flat, apartment etc. for and to rent at selected location, pay rent as well.

A solution to find and provide a place to rent.

An app that lets

App to take order, pass it to the Chef for preparing the dishes and preparing the  bill in a Restaurant.

Rider will give you the bike ride service. Free bike user are notified by the app if anyone around the place need the bike ride.

It lets companies to find employees and employees to find quality jobs

Location-Based Android Application to find vacant rooms/houses all around the country from anywhere and anytime.

maintaining the garbage system 

Rapid provision of emergency service that can mean difference between life and death for people in accidents

Get taxi service and sajha bus arrival time information at your finger touch wherever you are.

An app that will convert any text to nepali text and its corresponding voice as well.

This app provides all the information about available routes,schedules and prices for all means of transportation(airways,roadways,ropeways,rafting).

A Complete (Application) Package For Book Lovers Around the World

Sathi provides advice and suggestions to users based on the reviews of products and compare two different products and features.

save girls frim the greateat evil of socity known as #Rape. It's not just national issue so Join me and Make World Proud of Us.

Stop, Prevent and Rescue “Huma

School2Parents is the mobile app solution for communication between school administration and parents.

It is a personal information management system to organize life's details information lik education , health ,social in digital form.

Have a mail, message or post to submit on time dont you worry because "Send on time" is here


send!receive file over the network by direct penetration on required device i.e the device acts as multithreadedserver

DIY(Do-It-Yourself) app gives simple ideas about contructing wonderful things using the materials that are found in a simple house.

Play the same audio in collaboration with different devices.

This app will make Nepalese people aware of randomness of price of vegetables, transportation fare, daily

App which calculates and informs about amount which is to be paid monthly and in installment basis so that we easily manage money on time.

Online payment System for the tourist who visit Nepal and for Nepalese too.

All in one security and utility app which helps to find your lost smartphone and also helps you in emergency/dangerous situation.

app that  on voice command does calling, pick a call in loudspeaker,sending message and check  receivied messages from.

App will notify users about the vacant seat available with real time location in deluxe bus/micro/taxi,route details along with reservation facilities

Teach your growing kids fundamental things(for example ABCD,123)and many more  in a smart and interactive way through graphics, animation and much.

it will give all statical data of network like call time its cost ,data uses for a site and its cost,download and upload speed.

can track your vehicle real time loaction and speed(read from vehicle speedometer) .

An app where you can find the solutions of Large technical problem specially optimized for computers and mobile phones.

Our app helps people to find out the details  fabout the futsal arena located at  ktm valley in one click at one place.

A dynamic mobile application which solves all type of tax issues of nepal  with recent tax policy.

An application that helps to trigger certain action with voice commands.

App to provide free cash back coupon while recharging mobile phones along with one click button for various mobile service features. 

To Create a DAW

An app that basically aggregates Story(News Story, Blogs, Opinions, Articles) of different categories from news portals based on users choice

An application that allows user to build an image of a football team's formation where each player is represented by a football kit.

Helps user find meaning of technical terms.

The App; all about the creativity that globalize democratic designs(interior, fashion, jewellery) of the passionate designers.

e-NoteKaapi:A utility app that facilitates learners with free ebooks as well as

Contest is a mobile survey and data collection platform that lets user create their own survey and gather response using Android mobile devices.

Textify is an image based smart search and assist tool; it extracts text from real world through camera and provides actions according to context.

App that lets you read reviews and create a wishlist of books as well as know about people who want to sell  those books present on your wishlist.

An application that shows the public vehicle fare within the country and allows ticket booking for long distance travel.

App specialised to learn Nepalese folk music and instrument and also deals with its sales and promotion.

Apps to alert if you reached the destination while travelling on public transport.

Gives information about Traffic-Jam.

A mobile app that helps solve the difficulties of driving and helps ensurse safety on the roads by keeping rules and regulations in check.

App to remotely control certain emergency features (alarm, contacts, flash, profile etc.) of one phone from another phone using SMS control system.

"UnBored" is an AI app, whose single tap suggests you the best possible thing you can do, knows your context too and learns itself.

For removing confusion of user, for a given site which username and password did he used to logi

An app that uses timer for the texting or mailing. If I have to text someone Happy Birthday at 00:00 I don't have to wake up at midnight.

Your own voice mail solution.

Offline exchange of digital visiting cards (Vcard) with features to store exchanged visiting cards in our Vcard-holder in categorical manner.

Users can find the nearest local transportation to get to a destination and their route.

Our app is a one-stop solutions and tips provider for startup ventures and aspiring entrepreneurs along with in-app user networking.

VidFedd is a common application for all of video sharing and streaming sites where you can comment and share each frame of

App to buy/sell stocks virtually and, learn the fundamental terms to evaluate stocks and process of buying/selling stocks in Nepal

This application is used to vote in the government constitution election,help in gathering survey report.

A budget management app to assist you in the same old "Income vs Expenditure" problem.

App that takes the token for you and reserve the seat.

This app provides instant public review of the things users want to buy or know about, just by taking picture of the product from their mobile phone.

Wingman provides information and details of prominent individuals in any particular event by clicking their picture!

this is an app that helps people find rooms easily where users put in their identity,type of room they want,location etc and other users offer rooms.

The app will provide awareness about disaster, notify the user about current disaster (like flood, earthquake, landslide) with location based services

In our app, you can get the location of running buses, their approx. distance and duration of arrival so that you can get ready to get the bus.

This app is used to show various routes public transportation takes and their stations which helps users to find which one is suitable for them.

Assist students in their visa application process and notification service of different events like seminar, competition, exhibition around the world.

An app which connects the person in need of a ride with a driver/rider with their own vehicle who has common route as the user

To calculate monthly finance of home and to shop online with different savings and discount it should have all online shopping sites of Nepal

Messages close people about brthday aniversary festival acoording to relationship


Conferences, Scholarships, Job Vacancies, Exchange Program, Competitions and Opportunities all at one alert.


App to calculate monthly finance and to do online shopping which has a collection of shopping sites with discount

It gives whole information about our newely updated constitution and justification along with contact method for ligal services.

This app keeps the financial records effectively and efficiently.

स्थानीय निकाय र तिनिहरुले प्रदान गर्ने सेवाहरुमा जनताको सहज विधुतीय पहुँच

App that reads aloud Nepali texts (Devanagari script) obtained from any source. 

Your personal assistant/helper/service provider for every real world issues.