App to create route to tourism area,show nearby services and convert nepali language to their home language and viceversa.

This application assist tourist perosnales in making decision with Recommended Solutions while visiting Nepal.


This helps to track all pathway of Nepal through available vehicles with their stations & cost required to reach one's desired destination.

Foreigner will pay the correct price for what they are buying and public transportation (getting on/off) to every nook will be possible digitially.

Virtual-visit new places, monuments and exotic places (virtually) using a PhotoSphere, or in virtual real

Nepal's first curated online marketplace for off-the-beat travel experiences.

Foreign will pay the correct price for what they are buying and public transportation will be available to every nook digitially.

App that makes tourists familiar with Nepali culture (dress, food, festivals, dance and music).

This application helps the tourist to book the air-lines tickets ,bus/transportation tickets and

The app helps you to navigate through chowks and gallis of Kathmandu, with the help of photos.

Location specific peer-to-peer short term homestay service for internal and external tourist(a Community

Trekking guide and online backpaker forum with best best hotel lodge information.

App for the tourist  to know about the best hotel and their bookings, their adventourous destination and the locations.

App would allows bird watchers to get the information about all the birds that are found in Nepal and allows to create note of bird watching trip

Our idea is to create a mobile app that suggests travelers, the various activities - kinda like a bucket list for every destination.

You can hire any two wheelers and four wheelers through app.

Help tourist to get any kind of information of location specified by them and get notified by events happening around them.

App to know nearby restaurants and their amazing deals and events you always wanted to go.

Discover lets tourists get more out of their travel through new experiences along with bringing beautiful, interesting yet unknown places to exposure.

App to book all travelling needs from verified vendors to make your visit hassle-free; notify you the latest update on selected events.

This app provides all upcomming events, programs, exhibition, party and its information with date, time and location.

This app allows all the national and international tourist to know about the religious and cultural events happeneing in the country.

An app to suggest tourist to explore Nepal and help to find their necessities until stay to Nepal.

Tourist do

App that focuses on the beauty and diversity of foods in Nepal to attract and ensure domestic and foreign tourists' tour to be tasty.

App that lets tourists know about different cuisines of Nepal, their recipe, and notifies about the restaurants around them and upcoming events.

An app that recommends the tourists with the packages depending upon their mood and affordability, then guide them in every possible way to get there.

App to guide for travelling historical places in  Nepal.

GhumNepal will allow people to know about various places focusing on unrecognized ones and to establish communication among tourists worldwide

The ultimate travel guide/organizer for Nepal.

Translate some of the language to Nepali language and vice versa

User friendly app which help to find out the tourism areas with present condition and events in that area

App that contains location and description of hospital,park, museum, stars hotels,post office ,bus station , petrol pump and cultural places .

know the tourist attractions near by you based on your location.

This app lets you find the Lodge,Restaurant,Bars,Hotel,Motel near you.

Helping tourist to guide themself during their visit in nepal .


This app contain already made packages(Static) of different travel agency and along with this user can also make their own package(Dynamic).

To know the

This app provides information about mountains to the users and also about mountains that can be viewed based on the current position of the user.



App which shows the homestay options and popularity of places in nepal among the tourists in Nepals map. 

Helps connect local/foreign tourists with local residency.

Multilingual app that helps tourists ease their visit in Nepal,with required local material /info / utilities, making their stay an unforgettable one.

An App to guide and help tourists in different aspects of their journey.

Give tourists an effective map of Kathmandu -- locating all major as well as minor touristic venues; also, highlighting out-of-valley venues to them.

An app which helps making tourism in Nepal more safer, easier and prompt tourism.

Due to Big Disaster Tourists are afraid,This app will provide All Informations that Nepal is fully safe to be visited with full of natural heritages.

Important telephone number of all sector of nepal.

KTM Tour Guide provides information about all  tourist destination as well as essential places at Kathmandu and guides through google map.

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Social Travel App that

LocoQuiz will allow users to lively interact with a place in Nepal via Quiz in one touch.

Hotel booking aggregrator for the people who are looking to travel on a limited budget.

This app highlights the events and cultural festivals during your trip and shows nearby attractions.

Map me allows you to save Google maps for any route, including source, destination & landmarks for later offline viewing of the map.

Platform to locate nearby traders offering best discounts while on the go and also notify nearby essential services such as banks.

An app that creates the direct connection between a tourist and a guide.

It is an idea that promotes our local tourist places so that more tourist will come to visit their local places that are unknown for tourists.

Apps provide Safety, Securities and Reliability to the tourist from any forgery, accident, lost and helping to boost local business. 

A simple app just to give about the places and resturants of any city.

Boring days are a thing of the past.

This app provides platform for tourists to search hotels & rooms; info. about local foods; transportation booking e.t.c along with rating(stars).

Gives a 360 panaromic view of various beautiful places in Nepal from different angles for online viewing and especially for alluring tourists

This app will help tourists (generally everyone) get public transport nearby along with brief on using it and on-the-way tourism/religious places

It tells the user about possible public available to travel from current location to destination location along with their cost per person.

A social network to interact on experiences collected during Nepal visits by tourists and receiv

Providing Virtual Reality Tourism experience of Nepal using Google Cardboard.

An app targeting Internal and External tourists to provide them with all the information they need to know including Real time Language Translation.

Arts and Craft is a simple app where brief details about any handcraft product of Nepal will be listed along with the location where they can find it.

This application is a complete tourism application which target Tourists, Travel Angencies and Nepal Tourism Board.

Providing a medium to buy the original nepali product with minimum price

Find a host family to stay in Nepal.

An apps for national and international tourist to book the best hotel and transportation thoroughout their journey.

An app for tourists which can compare the prices of the nearby hotels,foods,transportation fee,locate nearby famous places and other tourism aspects.

Shows the list of places for tourists where they can eat organic foods.

Eat, Explore and get Involved in fun Events around you.

Most user-friendly travel organizer for organizing the trips in the easiest and reliable way and let people able to see the beauty of our NEPAL.

A social app for Tourists which allows to connect and communicate to tourists, people, villages, hotels nearby.

App where users can receive information about cycling routes  (urban and rural ), relevant shops and interact with fellow cyclists.

An app to provide tourists a means to know and plan their visits efficiently.

Easily identify, explore and locate major mountains and hills of Nepal using your smartphone camera.

A tourist checkpoint app which keeps update of the places they visit with total privacy, which helps to track them if in case they are lost.

A treasure-trove of myths and history of culturally, religiously and socially venerated places, festivals and heritages for tourist guides and tourist

Provides whole guide to all religious places of nepal

Developing an app via which internal/external tourists can compare the different trekking agencies/hotels and select the best deals for them.

It is an android app that will trace tourist and verify their safety in cases like: lost, alive or dead, kidnapped, etc.

A mobile app that helps promote Tourism by providing full-fledged information on maps, routes, transports, hotels and events along with translator.

App that searches the nearby hotels, lodges or any other destinations.

Location dependent, mapping application based on a location identifier such as a beacon.

Find Shortest route to all locations you want to visit on the basis of cost,time(both or any other basis of your choice).

Capture experience of travellers in multimedia form allowing viewer to decide their travelling destination according to others experience & rating

I want to create a system with all records of places to visit in Nepal with their maps, attraction, transportation facility, accommodation..

A fun app where people will visit landmarks (tourist destinations) of Nepal to earn points and spend them on real time freebies. 

App to provide public-vehicle routes and fares, suggest vehicle to take for trip and provide det

Money transfer sytem using mobile simcard and mob. number as account number by tourist, and nepalese

TASVIR allows the user to take  picture of any monument,places  and gives the detail information, microscopic features  about them.

Developing an app via which internal/external tourists can compare the different trekking agencies/hotels and select the best deals for them.

This is an app to give all information about intresting tourist destinations in Nepal and to give all information about hotels and restaurants.


NepalGhumgham:A Tourism promoting App that lets the user go on a virtual Nepal tour.

App that help tourist to book hotel room of their choice with detail information, cost and location.

App to show guideline for national and international religeous tourists to visit temples and stupas in Nepal, promoting religeous tourism in Nepal.

Helping tourist to fulfill their

App that lets you travel on a budget by suggesting the cheapest flights, accommodations and much more so that you can just Backpack and get going.

Make new friends and enjoy your days travelling with them.

—This app is for travellers who are searching for the hotels ,travel agencies and money exchange counter in Nepal.

its an app which lets you discover new places and rate the dishes on a scale of 1-5, simple as that.

Especially targeted to those who are interested on traveling and trekking

A tourism app that enclose all information about place, activity, routes (i.e. cycling,trekking), food, culture and history around user location

TheCity provides precise and current information about your interests.

Create & Share the personalised list of 'things to do' in your travel destination for explorers like you.

Tour Nepal provides all information required before, during and after your stay in any part of Nepal.

App to know best time to go visit around to know about Nepalese culture.

A complete guide for the tourist and helps tourism

Platform for tourist to explore important places nearby them and place review for better development of sites.

App to help tourist when they are in trouble  cheated or misbehaved by directly connecting with police.

Upload photos of tourist sites and let other rate it. make group to visit top rated sites with contact information. Be top adventure lover.

Connecting enthusiastic local youths with adventure seeking tourists,

It helps to promote tourism from users level by users themselves in their grasp.

Trail is an social app which helps tourist in their journey by finding all available vendors (hotels, spa, guides) and chose suitable one.

An app that creates trail as you travel, share it and if you enjoyed reading somebody else’s trail then follow the trail for your next adventure

You would have never thought what your camera or your mobile lens is capable of and after seeing this app you will realise it :) 

Reverse Bidding Digital Platform to easily Connect Tourist & Travel Agent in affordable cost win-win for both.

A complete app for travellers with features like public transportation route generation, local language translater, air routes, taxi support,etc.

App gives you the hotels location, price, rating and the tourism destinations, rating with their detailed descriptions

An app where you can create your travel profile with your experiences with people/places/culture,make friends and bring forward rare new destinations.

Travel Nepal is an app which helps people from all around the world to get all information about tourism,resturant,hotels available in Nepal.

Plan where you want to go and what you want to do in accordance to your budget.

This application allows user to choose tour package, hotels in accordance with their budgets comparing current price and book.

Trekking interest made more convenient with a mobile app that can provide users with a detailed information about trekking and facilities.

Unit app facilitate users to book hotel rooms anytime and anywhere throughout the count

The app encourages/attract tourists to visit nepal and help them to find their tourist guide in Nepal.

cheapest way to travel

Tourist destination Nepal:Promote Nepal as destination of tourist.

Photos relating to Nepal in Wallpaper as a promotion to Nepalese Tourism

Offline based map and shows all pictured and written info upon click on tagged point of tourism place all over Nepal and include food, lodge so on.

solving language barriers

Our app will help tourist in every possible way, from finding a proper accmodation to language translator to helping as a virtual tourist guide.

App provides all speciality of Nepal(places,festivals,food etc) and helps for planing according to user's choice informing every facilities.

Just point your phone to any natural and cultural heritages of Nepal to get all the necessary info about it. (Offline)


This app help tourists by finding people of their nationalities in foreign countries.

The app  recreates the best possible experience for tourist of visiting a new place as reffered to them by  friends or visitors.

App to know how to safe during Travel and it connect you to near hospital and police.

An android app which displays all the best travelling places all over Nepal.

to give information about tourism and how it can be used in development of our village/town (hence benefit for nepal and nepali people).

This app is basically the concept of letting other people visit your place and vice versa in a more interactive and visual way.

Establishg nepal as cyling (adventure) destination.