Health app fully focused on providing clear information and assisting users to maintain a healty lifestyle.


An app that sends out alerts to close family, friends or personal doctor in case of any health emergency like labor, asthma or cardiac arrest.

It is an app to disseminate information and save lives of expected mothers.

App to alert about accidents near the area.

App to find the nearest-vaccant-Ambulance, so that people need not to wait for the one they have called , because every few second matters.

atAche is an Automatic call for help app, constantly monitoring your heart rate, attached to you at time of ache.

"Ausadi Bibaran" is an informative app that gives us the detail information about the medicines available at Nepalese market.

App to know ayurvedic home remedies for various diseases.

App that shows different categories of prone diseases in Nepal with details, referred hospitals, doctors with list of healthy habits and safety ideas.

App that allows people with hearing disability to contact specific persons through mobile.

Achieving fitness goals, keeping track of it, sharing knowledge and experience with friends, finding fitness centres through a single app.

An app to help sightless and visionless (blind) people by providing easy sound and graphics interface which they can understand and get help easily.

App to increase blood donors in nepal to provide immediate access of required blood type nearby.

A technical Initiation to save lives.

list all the relevant blood donor near by u with thier contact no.

To provide platform for donar and receptor for the related blood group, nearby location, last donated date.

app that lets you request blood and locate donors, hospitals, donation camps on map, register for donation events and directly make a call.

An app that helps to know diference between personal medical data wth standard medical data with non pharmacological sugesstions and medicine reminder

Building a bridge application between the blood donors and needies.

The user can capture the picture of food they are about to eat and find out the amount of calorie it contains and alerts if it is consumable or not.

An app that lets you calculate your daily calorie consumption, calorie gain and calorie reduction as well as calorie contained by each food item.

Caloriemeter will takecare of you and what you take Now.

A health event calendar which lets people to about the health programs happening in their communities and intends to increase participation.

Our app determines whether the person's eye is suffering from short sightedness or long sightedness or is in normal stage and suggests the power.

Testing hearing capacity and surrounding noise level

A fitness APP with GPS tracker for workouts (eg. cycling and many) ,live health tips,reminders and detail report with calorie burn estimation.

An android app which helps you to chat with all online doctors.

Dirghayu app will provide complete s

Provides the detail information on symptoms, causes, effects and remedies on any disease and symptoms provided by the user.

This app mainly focus on Diagnosis and remedy of possible diseases from symptoms using AI.

Our app is based on the use of IT for public health, our aim is to virtually connect end-users and professional doctors for consulting their problems.

Apps helps to get solution of the diseases when/where there is no doctor or before reach to the doctor.

Apps to trace the doctor where he is and hospital,clinic,pharmacy,nursing home,specialist,ambulance service with phone number.

A complete dictionary of the medicines you consume in your mobile with whole new dyanamics of what, how and where you buy your medicines.

This is the unique medical application that provides many features to save time for busy Doctors, specially for clinics.

An app that uses camera function to diagnose STD, eye and skin diseases and highly private consult with recommend highly qualified doctors instantly.

App that provides Prenatal and Postnatal information including proper medicine, diet, advises and many more facilities at finger tip

This app is based on providing emergency blood of required blood group type which is searched on basis of profile create by the users of this app.

connect with doctor.

Monitors user health status and provides feedback.

An app that shows doctor's availability schedule in hospitals and clinics and allows users to make online appointments, online consult and payment

An, ingenious app to address the pills alarm, notification or message for the person in medication


An android application that provides information on how to perform the required first aid in different situations.

An app that can provide users with loads of instant suggestion for pain and stress.


This app provides physical fitness trainings and yoga ,that can be done at home to live healthy life 

User can get detailed information on

Unlearn sexual misconception

It is a reliable app providing detail information about hospitals and doctors with appoinment facility.

This app mainly focuses on giving informatoin about heath related problems with their diagnosis and remedy. 

Provides with in-depth knowledge on pregnancy for both parents, precautions needed to be taken and steps to be followed during the peroid. 

app that report the health, setting alarm time for the medicine, refer best hospital and doctor and their followup routine.

Health Advisor is an app which advise users what not to eat and which yogas they should do when they are ill. 

Health Alert Application is the daily calculation of water level and calories of user's body and, notify and alert them.

App to get complete information on Hospital, Doctors, Medical Labs & their offers with price comparison for brands of medicine and Pharmacy.

This app helps to fill the appointment form of hospital by mobile recharge .

This is an android app intended to enhance the health knowlede, services and facilities to the general public ie. user. 

probable disease recomender,based on information provided by the user with probable disease related doctor's and hospital's information

App to keep track and remind people of the immunizations and medical check ups,provide information about those and pro

A patients handbook with health profile, hospitals-doctors search, appointments, recommendations, locations, statistics, reminders & many more.

Healthmate is an app which provides user knowledge about the disease  by  knowing the symptoms, emergency cares and home remedies.

Helps to find or upload healthy food recipe where app will calculate calories in recipe and all users can rate recipe based on taste and post comment

This app will create an open platform for asking for any kinds of health queries and getting appropriate solution and tips from respective experts.

Select your symptoms and find out possible dieaseas that you are going through along with ways to solves them.

Hello Doctor is a  mobile app that empowers people to control their health.


App that will give working home remedial suggestions for the most of the diseases according to the symptoms.

App to find hospital, register patient name in hospital and to take a date for the treatment

Our "Hospital Sewa" is a android app provide all hospital details ,health tips,telemedicine service  & local ayurved medicine.

Your home/app based medical solution.

app has a database of informations regarding their blood groups and stuffs so that during medical emergency people neednt browse over social media

Development of a mobile app for collaborating patients and doctors for health problems and prescriptions via internet. 

An application that helps to call ambulance/medical service if you are alone or not in the state you can dial call to friends/family/doctor  for help.

Our Health Our Wealth

Considering the shy nature or feeling offended to share about the sexual related problems(specially females) this app will help them.

This app easily help to find the location where user can easily find the medicine he/she wanted.

way to solve problems facing by the people over nepal.

App about Menstrual Cycle.

To know if malnourished by calculating Z-score & BMI then give diet tips,newsfeeds & recommendations accordingly.

Calculates Blood Alcohol amount from liquor consumed on time basis and recommending Driving or not in accordance to the legal driving limit.

This apps helps Blood Urgency problem from mobile.

Med Advisor saves a complete list of medications to notify time to take it and gives advices while on use.

MedFren will help user to recognize the drug received from drug store if it is really the prescribed one and if it is the needed one.

Price and information(Ingredients) medicine for,address of pharmacies and hospitals(if possible even online register) near you.

App to check whether the medicine you're about to use is really for your health problem & gives information about pricing & side-effects

Medic App lets you enter your illness symptoms or a combination of symptoms and gives you a list of probably diagnosis.

A multi-user app to create a network among patient and doctors..

app to create a medical forum to link medical staffs to dicuss about queries, seek assistance and provide information on medical services nearby.

Application to help deliver medicines to the patients in medication depending upon the prescription uploaded and regular follow up for medication.

App to search hospitals/doctors and take appointments, access your medical file and know more about health-related infrastructure.

A product that allows user to search for medical conditions based on symptoms, provide basic home remedies and recommend doctors, hospitals, clinics.

App to find the doctors and hospital details as per the nature of the health problem of the patient

Schedule an appointment with any doctor in a hospital, entirely from within your cellphone.

App that will help users seeking phy

Mero Swasthaya is ths complete health app with great features

This app collects information,disseminates data  and sends reminders to ensure safe and effective maternal and child health care.

Easy registration and easy search for the blood we need in emergency.

This app is centralizing hospital system, with give best personal heaths solution.

An android app to locate nearest blood donor using global positioning system during emergency or in need and contact them though call, sms, broadcast

An app for HER (and anybody who cares for her) that will help her through every steps of her womanhood.

Our app helps primary treatments immediately then otherwise you contact doctor and mainly focus on rural area people because this area cannot hospital

Database, where you can feed trade names to find about the molecule, its info, and use generic name to search available products vice-versa.

A simple app where users (patients) can fix their appointment with any doctor of any hospital.

An application for to manage stress or to get rid of their addiction or having a certain goal with the use of a task/reward based approach

Notifica-Medic helps you keep up a healthy lifestyle through health-related alerts, suggestions, recommendations and various medical info.

Gives nutritional status,nutritional news, provides complete information and guidance on nutrition for different stages of life including food diary.

App that collects, analyzes intensive care medical data to assist medical personnel derive vital information and detect complications sooner.

Online information about hospitals and doctor aviable.

PATH a single touch app(public and the hospital) which would help to show right path to public in field of health sector through a single touch.

This application is used to add patient's diagonis detail data instead of using paper which can be more efficent and safe for data storing.

An app that tracks your nutrition intake, and analyze your health from what you eat.

Plea different facilites for patients undergoing different medical condition and help them generate campaigns and organizational interests.

Application to solve the health problems of people by creating the combined community in the app for health staffs such as doctors, nurses and others.

Health app where users post, rate and review the local treatments for common health problems to reduce the dependency on synthetic medicines.

App that will find the nearest blood donor or blood bank in case of emergency.

App to create a communication bridge between blood donor and receiver.

App to record/ monitor health stats like blood sugar, pressure etc, give statistical analysis, diet suggestion and alert if it's out of track.

This is fitness app that will track

App that motivates people to run by tracking and translating their actual runs into progress in a virtual world/Nepal.

"Sangi" acts as a health assistance for women regarding their major health issues and concerns including pregnancy, maternity, nutrition etc

An app where you can throw out your depressions and frustration in the of sound and text.

Allows users to capture your run activities and walk duration and view the stats on Google Maps in intuitive way.

Diagnose and treat skin diseases through pictures posted in the app with few information including patient particulars, symptoms.

It helps users to have a sound sleep by tracking various signals, and providing utilites and guidance towards better sleep

Don't follow Myths, use local resources and be smart

App to know about diseases,first aid that locates nearest hospitals,clinics,medical stores, ambulances,reminds menstrual cycles, medicines,injections.

Health app to notify about nearby hospitals ,clinic,doctor ,their services and local health events.

App that keep track of all the medical report of the person along with the hospital and doctor info on every checkup.

An appplication that will allow user to store their  personal medical history. 

MedAlert is a unified medication management mobile application designed to take control of your health.

Our application will help the old peoples to remember their medicine and doctor visit schedule as well as get emergency help.

Android app that list the blood donors and their nearer location from your current location and reach to them via Call/SMS.

Provide service to general public by providing information about different hospitals/clinics with location and various first aid informations.

A solution to each and every health needs through the help of a health forum app .

Bridging the distance barrier between doctor & patient

Doctor Who: Need a Physician? This app tells you OPD hours of Physicians from different hospitals in your city w/ contact info for making appointments

Tackling common as well as uncommon health issues through support, home treatment and online approach covering both ayurveda and allopathic. 

An app that links a patient with blood donors, can provide immediate help in fatal hazards and keeps you updated to diseases and health related events

Our main idea is to solve health related problems of people through viber like application (ie. through voice command).

App to care about ourselves and bring us closer to the hospital and doctors.

Emergency request for any group of blood to the facebook friends, contact number person(SMS), GPS system for nearby area(around 2 KM in radius).

"yog-guru" is an app that teaches the basics of yoga to the users.

App to create a one-stop solution for traditional home remedies for various illness and promote Nepali crude drugs and Ayurveda medicines

In the absence of doctor,medicinal plants to meet primary health care needs  .