making user configurable (add/delete/modify) game app, so that content is according to child's intellectual capacity.

A gaming app that challenges users to create a map of Nepal by putting together broken down map parts into correct positions.

Game to play classic tic-tac-toe in mobile version.

we are going to built a action advanture game which will have gaule life style (typical nepalese village ) and also have gorkhali story base line too

Fun gaming based on 2D graphics but newer and cooler concept.

A game to ride bike in supersonic speed!

Strategic game w

A location based RPG allowing players to discover, persuade and level-up the ancient spirits after battling them from their allocated co-ordinates.

A 3D Endless Runner Game based on Social, Cultural, Political and Natural aspects of Nepal.

Simple gaming app based on nepali saying . (एउटा कुहिएको आलु ले सबै आलु ले कुहाउछ ) 

It is an old nepalese game in which users can play with AI as well as with their friends via Bluetooth. 

Bingo is a multiplayer game and can be palyed online ,it is an mathematical tic toe game using 25 numbers.

A game where you play a boulder that rolls down an infinite hill avoiding the obtacles with various poweups

we want to convert a urban children's game to android apps which is played on the mud by making holes and putting pebbles.

'Bravo' is a 2.5D, eco friendly, endless runner game to teach children keep environment clean and make them aware of effects of pollution.

Video wise location-based social discovery application that facilitates communication between mutually interested users.

Brick fall is an android game in which a user tries to build a towers of bricks falling from above and user needs to balance the tower from falling.

Android online game that uses debit or credit card amount for coins and player wins game and coins increses and exchange them to cash.

An endless runner game :)

Multiple missions of saving own empire and destroying enemy lines, capturing forts and gaining all privileges based upon value of destroyed elements.

It is basically an instant messaging app, where people can chat in secured and in a fun way.

City Music World is an intuitive app that provides a common music platform where people can learn about unique or unheard musical tracks, etc.

why to wait in line, if you can book the tickets online of the new movie released

Comic Sans provides readers with interactive comic reading experience & artists with a different level of digital comic making platform.

Our favourite childhood game, Crossword, is now in our android smartphone and we can challenge our brain against our mobile's processor.

My idea is abot Game "Quest"

In my 3d game a bird is lost in a place and searching a way to go your home ,in this way some difficulities come

This is about a quest of a young warrior to reunit with his lover, who is kidnapped by an Evil Wizard.

Rubic's cube solution game

A game that simulates cycling through iconic alleyways, monuments and natural beauty of Nepal.

The main idea of the DandiBiyo game is to provide a mobile platform for the traditional Nepali g

it improve your mental ability to solve the real world problem,you have to solve the problem shown in the picture and describe it.

A Virtual Reality game played using Google Cardboard where the user throws paper balls in a virtual envir

Learning With Fun

Egg is an interactive math skills learning lock screen game for children that rewards players  based on effort,focus,persistence and techniques used.

Our main idea is to create a game which can also be played by disabled people (like those who are visually impaired).

Esacpejump is simply fun Game, where user encounter different enemy and eliminate the enemy by shooting

App that gives schedules and info about TV, radio, events, concerts etc.

App to know each and every event that are happening around Nepal. Like Concerts, Exhibitions,Festivals,Jatras-Community festivles,etc.

App to keep you notified about various events happening in the country

A reality show conducted every week, in which people get acess through apps.

Game is simple,will be of small size and it will help to make active both sides of brain and fast reaction. 

A platform-adventure video game in a world of “mirrors” which when crossed leads to alternate realities with conflicting gravities.


This app provides informations and news regarding the domestic football league of Nepal.

Forest Ranger is a First Person Shooter 3D game where game character is a Forest Ranger who have to travel in a forest and defend it from poachers.

Our idea is to develop a gaming application that simulates the career of a manager in football.

Provide updates for all national games updates via sms and android application and International World Cups

App giving recommendation and information on futsal grounds based on location,price,avaliability,condition of ground,tounaments for futsal fanatics. 

Provide a centralized portal for checking out all available movie shows at all theaters and booking / ticket purchase facility.

GroupChess as codename will be the Chess game/app playing by 1 certain group as singleplayer VS an/other certain group as per timeset for move piece/s

Musical game that challenges you to identify songs based on short audio clips or some facts.

lets create a online game on musics all over the world, in which players get their opponent randomly and batlle on the topics of music.

Nepali Dating App.

Covers all the health problems along with their causes,symptoms, preventions and precautions and manages appointment plus help get more

listen any music anywhere anytime with just a click .

In-out is a multiplayer game, where a IN,OUT call requires you to stay inside, outside the cirlce respectively.

Nalapani is MMO(massively multiplayer online), PvP, platformer(2D) and action game, depicting one of our historical battlefields.

This application is a game where users are asked to take a picture of a certain object of a certain place in Nepal as a task to earn points.

A cute, addictive, jellicious platform game where players help the cute little Bubby find his magical Jelly in jellyish land.

Kasapasa offers two way gaming experience with awesome social gaming for audience with game events management environment.


Feel the excitement of true nepali racing game!!!!!!!

New release movies of  week of KOLLYWOOD,BOLLYWOOD and HOLLYWOOD link for their official trailer with other's reviews and online buying ticket.

It's an awesome game with special provision for  music.

LIU is a 3d physics based game where the user is stucked in a level with necessary items within the level to solve the puzzle and move onto next.

This Vocabulary based game helps students prepare for exams such as SAT, GRE and GMAT.

App for lip syncing  to existing video clip.

Lishn is a music streaming platform where users get acces to free legal music and artists get paid for every time their song is played.

LokSewa Quiz is an app in which two or more than two person can participate to play the quiz related to lok sewa exam questions.

An Elliptical Single Shot Pool game.

"LunchedUp" is a meetup over lunch. It helps growing your professional networking on a lunch date. 

A game where player can make their own avatar, travel around Nepal, share photos(before and after earthquake) and play extreme sport games.

this is a nepali marble game which you can play with your friends as well as with the ai

The Maths For Nepal app is an app for the Nepali students to learn maths and become an expert in maths to build their career.

Create your own memes and share them with your friends.

An android app to record your voice with track of your favourite songs.

Metro Pulse helps you to find amazing events and things to do in cities, as it also plans your entire day for you.

a game where use

Mobmark is for those addicts addicted to movies or books (or both) who are in continual search of recommendation as per their interest and flavour. 

A story mode game where player has to protect himself from mosquitoes, first by swatting, and later learns about dangers and prevention methods.

it's a game where the user climbs the mountain with increasing difficulty.

An annoying interactive single/multi user IQ game where challenges can be created / modified by users themselves, with tools provided by the app.

An Online Music Store.

It is a simple game where you play the role of traffic police and you have to handle the heavy traffic.

An adventurous, third person 3D game where the hero steps up again the thugs and saves the valuable statues from our local temples..

Listening and watching Nepali songs

A location based game that allows players to explore, discover, travel different historically important sites of Nepal.

Tunes of Nepal

Our game DYT(Defend Your Territory) is a 3-Demensional game which makes use of state of the art technology in order to save the endangered animal.

An android game in which user has to save himself from getting hurted by stones falling from houses.

A game where players put their fingers at a spot and tap on it whenever a flying thing is pronounced like pattu udyo.

App to create live music by connectin android devices in a network where each user can select an instument and play in a group.

Promote only mobile photography not dslr or slr.. with weekly photo challenge.

A strategy game with a negative role of virus which has to mutate and infect a human body to kill the human.

the theme is playing with the fancy Tarzan techniques in jungle.

A moto racing game where users connect via Facebook and make high scores to make real money, prizes and recharge cards by just playing the game.

-Mind game targeting mental speed and sequence tracking where circular regions of polygon corners are touched for a number of time at a time limit.

A mathematical game to play with Prime numbers. 

Online Multiplayer strategy game for mobile platform based on realtime kite-flying promoting kite flying culture.

A mobile version of the classic Ball in a Maze game in which player guides ball to centre of the maze using mobile motions.

Give user puzzle as a form of entertainment which in turn let's you know how smart you are.

Competitive challenging  brainy game, from simple GK to tricky questions to coding challenges

Rescuing the earthquake victims which are injured and buried under the buildings but still alive.

Rubble Dodger is a 2D side scrolling infinite runner based on AR tech where your have to dodge rubbles and obstackes, compete with frns in social site

A location-based game where players plant 'seeds', activate them and score points for the area covered and foreign seeds consumed.

A interactive and addictive car game, with tracks based on the city where the user/gamer lives.

Allows user to view all favourite shows schedules in one single UI broadcasting from different media channels of Nepal.

This is a game that lets the user to slide the coloured rings in a pole opposing the force of the water with the help of pressure of air bubble.

Chatting?But lost for words?Try snipchat!
send snippets of songs,dialogues,awkward moments,viral & trending posts & trolls.

Make a card game , so that now on people who owe this app need not buy cards if they install card game app which is played manually with person.

An edutainment game that familiarize with the basics of chemical reaction/composition by letting them play the game which enhances their concept.

Pronounce the given English word or sentence correctly and score the points.

An app that lists major upcoming sporting events and also notify the user by setting a reminder of the matches of your interest (those you select).

A stock market arcade game for simple fun.

Sur Sangeet is an app where you can download or even upload your best nepali songs collection. 

"Survive Ktm City" is a unique single player mobile game application where player has to survive a motorbike ride in Kathmandu city.

Fight 1 on 1 with players around the world or create your team and fight with other teams in this arcade online game.also you can practice offline.

An app lock application that requires you to play short quiz to unlock the app.

A simulation game which has the Custom Nepali village Environment and lets user roam around inside it.

A learn with fun based entertaining quiz game to teach users programming and web development languages.

3D Physics based game where a Rhino(Main Character) chase the people in town and score for hitting people, damaging and smashing object.

LegalRacer, the Racing App that allows the player to travel around after completing the built-in driving liscense trials. 

Fulfil your destiny of ruling the world, one continent at a time. Clear tasks, levels, Challenge FB friends and defeat all the current bosses.

A action/platform and strategy-based game allowing palyer to play as late King Prithivi Narayan Shah through his journey for unification of Nepal.

Switch between alternate characters to escape a junk filled world; but all you can do is recycle.

Fantasy stock market game that simulates live trading stocks, options and commodities of Nepal.

Free SMS or Android calendar integrated reminder for your favorite TV programs.

TVtube will provide update on all the happenings and stories of daily soaps and other entertainment sources.

This is World War type Game where Nepalese people of different caste, culture, religion unites together to protect our country Nepal. 

First person 3d survival horror game withvirtual reality mode included.

Up is a Single player game, in which the player has to clear the path by rotating the discs with a groove lurking around the trajectory of a balloon.

A game based on the story of a child who loses his consciousness after the earthquake, and on waking up, goes on a quest to find his parents.

An app that allows user to read stories in the form of text message/chat.

A game where a character run for his life while having a major earthquake attack.

A fast-paced gesture based retro multiplayer game where players try to whip gems out of each other.

This app is for groups of guys and girls who want to meet up with groups of opposite sex to party on a night out or enjoy new places together.

Let's Build

App to sing and tune a song

An addicting card game (all in one) that allows you to select a number of different nepali card games and enjoy both single and multiplayer.