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Team's idea in one sentence

An app that lists down the official market price of the basic daily commodities.

Problem solved by the application
Everyone can't keep the record of the price of the basic daily goods such as vegetable products, meat products, petroleum products,etc. This app lets you carry the whole price list in your pocket and make your shopping easier and efficient.
Main functions and elements of the application
1.It provides the official price list of basic daily goods such as vegetables, petroleums, jewellary, etc.
2. It provides the official exchange rates of foreign currencies.
3. It has a label showing the rise or the fall in the prices.
Targeted audience of the application

Each and every person who want to be updated with latest market prices of daily goods.

Main benefits of the application
1. Track down the updated prices of daily basic goods.
2. Check the official market price before buying the goods.
3. Manage daily expenses.
4. Available in both English and Nepali versions.
Platforms in which application will be developed in Android, Others(Web Platform)

Team Members

Sushil Shakya (Team Leader)