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Team's idea in one sentence

Up is a Single player game, in which the player has to clear the path by rotating the discs with a groove lurking around the trajectory of a balloon.

Problem solved by the application

Finding a right game for the spare time is still a frustrating task. Game which refreshes any kind of mood are hard to find. Up, as a challenging and any time mood refresher game, will help to bring some refreshment in peoples leisure time. People with concentration problem will be beneficial with this game as it requires a good level of concentration for clearing the difficulties.

Main functions and elements of the application

Up is a single player  game. This game features 2D graphics with silk game play experience. Player will get Points for every hurdle they cross. Players get to collect coins and lives on the way up the infinite sky. The gameplay becomes more and more challenging and addicting after each hurdle. It also features a Leaderboard for score comparison. 

Targeted audience of the application

This game targets all the arcade and strategic type game lovers with Android Smart Phones.

Main benefits of the application

The main aim of this game is entertainment. This game will also help to boost the concentration level. As it is a single player game, it will help to pass lonely time with ease. 

Platforms in which application will be developed in Android, iOS

Team Members

Samip Subedi (Team Leader)
@Sabbiu Shah
Team is full.