Training on Business Development, Idea Pitching & Presentation


November 2, 2015 to November 4, 2015


8:30am to 5:00pm


Soaltee Crown Plaza, Tahachal

Every idea cannot be converted into business concept – or every ideation does not end up being a successful business. Good idea should be processed to a business or social concept machine in order to form an implementable, market accepted business model.  To add to that is the need to sustainably maintain the business success.

The sessions of this two days training tries to instill knowledge of opportunity, market, consumer  needs and wants, and the ways to model it into a validated value proposition and business model. It tries to build understanding of the market, business and marketing concepts among technology entrepreneurs. The idea is to transfer understanding and knowledge of market and business sense among mobile app developers/entrepreneurs so that they can integrate those concepts into their product (mobile app) design, architecture and its implementation model (it would have equivalent sense to social mobile app designers as well) and create best business model (applicable for social app model too). The idea is to integrate the concepts of consumer needs, market, marketing and business modeling in their development phase, idea pitching phase and take it further after that. This session would help each participant come out of technology cocoon and understand about the all-important business/market/consumer sense by creating best economic/social value.

The major modules/topics that will be covered in the session would be as follows:

  1. Opportunity – Meaning, Source, Evaluation
  2. Market and Consumer Perspective and Sense of any venture
  3. Business Modeling and Building Blocks of Business Model
  4. Value Proposition – The Bottom Line – Economic Value / Social Value – its creation and measurement
  5. Purposeful and Systematic Business Innovation Process for sustainable business
  6. Introduction to Lean Start Up Process

The session would consist of the activities that relates to the topics covered above, whereby, every participant group would indulge themselves in implementation of the key learning developed. Such activities would involve:

  • Opportunity Modeling
  • Presentation on Key business idea (making economic/social sense) of their app
  • Design of Value Proposition of the App and Related Business
  • Business Modeling of their app
  • Elevator Pitching of Business Model Canvas

The session yields a valuable input for the content preparation for their idea pitching whereby they are expected to make better sense of their app – focusing on value proposition of their app than the technical features only.

Please register one of your team members to participate in this training session. The sessions will be held on November 2, 2015 and November 4, 2015. For both days, same team member should participate.

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Business Development - Model and Strategies

Winning the Battle of Pitching - Making Ideas Happen