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Team's idea in one sentence

Create & Share the personalised list of 'things to do' in your travel destination for explorers like you.

Problem solved by the application

- All the destinations have 'Insider secrets' for that we spend hours doing research on more than 15 websites which is a time-consuming and tedious task. Therefore, Thingsle provides the rich content for travellers to have a better travel experience.

- There are too many 'Sources' leading to 'Information Choas'. Travellers are provided information they want to see in one platform.

- In most of the cases, travel destination is determined by 'Price' yet the personal choice is 'Limited'. Users are given best deals and offer according to their mood. 

- Community Ranking based on 'Reviews/Comments' which cannot decide things travellers want to see. We value user emotions, their visits, and their upvotes.

- List of things to do are curated by the 'Owners' of the website or a 'Tour Companies'. Users can inspire others by creating & sharing 'things to do' for the travellers like them.

Main functions and elements of the application

- Travellers can search using their GPS or plan their trip based on destination, activity and filter. Three distinct modes of filtersTrendingPopular and Recent.
- Things to do are classified according to Categories like Sightseeings, Food & Drinks, Activities, Nightlife, Events, Shopping
- Two-way conversations between consumers and application through Upvote MechanismSuggestions and Tips.
- Add to Wishlist/collections feature helps to view and track, which of your 'things to do', are being reserved on wish lists.
No of Visits give a count of total visitors to that particular place.
Show Route feature will plot the most efficient roads and trails around that place.
Around Me feature explores nearby restaurants, hotels, homestay, guides and other activities.
Share /Post their own travel experience, gain referral points by referring to friends and win weekly leaderboards to get amazing deals and discounts for your next vacation.

For hosts/travel agencies:
- Enables 'Geo-Targeting' advertisement so that they can operationally target their customers.
- Promote company, send special 'Amazing Deals' and 'Discount' to gain users.

Targeted audience of the application

- Global context: Tourists, Travellers, BackPackers.
- Local Context: People on Business Trips, Family/Friends Outing, People for Get-Togethers, Occasions.
Travel Agencies, Hotel, Restaurant, Travel Guides, Local Villager/People.
Everyone who are seeking to experience new 'Inspiring Unique Travel Experiences from Locals & other Travellers'.

Main benefits of the application

Sorted & Customised 'Things to do' for users to make trips better based on their need.
- Super Easy and Fast User Interface
- Hand-Picked & Powerful content
- Special Gifts/Rewards, Discounts and Deals for active users.
- 'Personalised Travel Suggestions' for Family, Friends in both short, long trips.
Other Benefits:
- Based on the user location, suggest a 'Planned Trip' among the Family and Friends nearBy.
'Planned Trip' among the Family and Friends nearBy.
'Connect' Travellers and Local Guides, Local People/Villager.
 'Request to Join' fellow traveller's itinerary.



Platforms in which application will be developed in Android

Team Members

Kijan Maharjan (Team Leader)
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