Thematic Seminars on Games & Entertainment


November 23, 2015


9:00am to 11:45am


Soaltee Crown Plaza, Tahachal

In 2014, the players of Candy Crush spent $1.33 billion on in-apps purchases. And this is just one games application. The industry in itself is immense. As of June 2015, Apple App Store ranked games as the most popular category. Add likes of NetFlix and Kindle to the list, and you can begin to understand the magnitude of love people have for these applications. Games & Entertainment is a huge market in all platform and the statistics agree quite emphatically.

This seminar will help you prepare your application for such a market. An expert in the field will give suggestions revolving around Games & Entertainment. Reference to international products that have done well can provide lead to innovative prospects within our country. Panel discussion will have the questions of participants answered by the experts that will contribute considerably to the app development process.

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