Thematic Seminar on Utilities


November 25, 2015


1:30pm to 4:15pm


Soaltee Crown Plaza, Tahachal

Utilities applications have a huge market, mostly because there are plenty of such apps and are used by huge number of people. From KeepNote to Trello, utilities apps are everywhere. Mint and Home Budget help you manage money while DropBox can save your files. You organize, save and use these applications to make sense of your work and life. And we want you to get bigger and better version of these utilities. Quite recently, the need for disaster preparedness has also opened the door of opportunity revolving around disaster warning, control and damage prevention. This is probably the most diverse category we have; there are little restrictions as to what you can develop, except that it should organize and in general “make work easy” for the users.

Utilities allows room to explore. This category has very exciting ideas that are as diverse as they are innovative. How can work best on making these applications a national and hopefully worldwide sensation?

This seminar helps take the first step. Utilities is broad category that can capture day to day applications that are useful. Experts in the seminar will engage in discussions about the uses of these products in Nepalese lifestyle. The discussions will revolve around the market and expectations from products to address the challenges in Nepal.