Thematic Seminar on Tourism


November 25, 2015


9:00am to 11:45am


Soaltee Crown Plaza, Tahachal

Perhaps Nepal never needed more focus on tourism than today. With some of our heritage sites challenged in the post earthquake period, we are now facing a growing need of tools to attract tourists and revive Nepal’s tourism. And here is your chance to make an impact. We are looking for concepts, ideas and applications which will present Nepal to the world as an active and welcoming tourist destination. So through your ideas, you can help people discover Nepal through apps that can be as generalized like TripIt or something specifically relevant to Nepal like Go2homestay. We can have a Picksie for food perhaps or Tourist Eye to assist the visitors, you name it and the area of work is immense.

In the seminar, keynote speaker and panel discussion will have experts talk about Tourism sector in Nepal. With new challenges, post the April 2015 earthquake in Nepal, experts are looking for newer ways to revive tourism in Nepal. Use of proper application in proper domain might just be able to do that. The panel discussions will bring forward these issues and then suggest ways in which applications can address these challenges.