Seminar on Marketing and Monetization
Seminar on Marketing and Monetization conducted

On November 30, 2015, seminar on ‘Marketing and Monetization’ for 150 teams taking part in Ncell App Camp 2015 was conducted at Soaltee Crown Plaza. The half day program was focused on explore and understand the marketing, promotion and monetization of mobile apps in  context of Nepal and abroad.

The seminar was attended by experts from e-commerce industry, Nepal Telecommunications Authority, the legal field and the academia. They discussed different legal and compliance issues when dealing with revenue, and ways to monetize apps.

Keynote speaker for the seminar was Rajeev Amatya, Managing director of Kaymu. Technical Director of Nepal Telecommunication Authority Ananda Raj Khanal, Bal Krishna Joshi from Thamel Dot Com, Anup Raj Upreti from Pioneer Law Associates and Rupesh Shrestha from Kathmandu University School of Management had participated in the seminar as panelists. Mr. Amatya shared Kaymu’s experience of app marketing and developing a strategy. “These days apps are more engaging than websites. This is a wonderful opportunity for app developers,” he said. He added that for an app to be effective, developers need to understand the market and the targeted audience.

Khanal, who is also World Summit Awards’ Nepal focal person, said that Nepal Telecommunication Authority is working on regulation to facilitate value-added services in mobile platform. “There is a big market for apps but success of your app depends on what value proposition your product provides to the end user”.  In legal aspects, Mr. Anup Raj Upreti, Managing partner of Pioneer Law Associate, a leading law consulting firm, said that app developers need to be aware of copyright, ownership and global obligation issues when developing an app.