Seminar on Games & Entertainment and Health
Seminar on Games & Entertainment and Health conducted

Nepal’s leading mobile service provider Ncell organized two thematic seminars for teams participating in Ncell App Camp 2015 under the Games and Entertainment and Health categories, on Monday, 23rd November 2015.

The seminars, organized in two sessions, saw experts from the fields of entertainment and health participate in panel discussions on opportunities and threats in their respective industry. They also responded to queries from participants.

Biswas Dhakal, President of F1 Soft, was the keynote speaker for the seminar on Games and Entertainment. He said, “Although it may not be easy to compete with international brands on graphics and technology, we can compete on ideas. The key to the success for any app is its ability to go viral and keep the users engaged.”

The participants of the panel discussion on Games and Entertainment were: Kiran Krishna Shrestha (Nepalaya), Bhaskar Dhungana (QFX), Rajan Maharjan (game developer) and Deepesh Paudel (Sarwanam Theater). Young Innovations’ CEO Bibhusan Bista moderated the discussion.

A total of 37 teams have been selected under Games and Entertainment and 38 under Health categories during this year’s Ncell App Camp.

For the second session of the day, the keynote speaker was Himalayan Climate Initiative’s Ajay Pradhananga. Participants in the panel discussion were: Dr Bhagwan Koirala, Dr Sagun Joshi, Dr Neil Pandey, Dr Bishal Dhakal, Dr Pradeep Vaidya, Laura Brye and Dipak Raj Sharma of Johns Hopkins University and M Ala Uddin Ahmad from MetLife. Dipendra Tandon from Advantage Group moderated the session.

“More and more opportunities are emerging in the health sector, especially due to the rise of small and cheap sensors,” said Pradhananga.