Sameer Mani Dixit
Selection Panelists


Vice Chair and Founder-Director of Research/ Public Health


Center For Molecular Dynamics Nepal (CMDN)

Mr. Sameer Mani Dixit is a research scientist with a background of working in public health. He have been working for the past 7 years in Public Health, and over 15 years’ experience in basic/applied science, in various forms of academic and programmatic research of public health importance- usually as Team Leader/ Principle Investigator. He have experience in academic teaching and research (4+ years), and planning, implementing and evaluating public health research projects of national and regional importance (7 + years). He have worked as national consultant in few occasions already in the area of communicable diseases. His work experience has allowed him to develop working relationships with various national and international organizations including those in India, Pakistan, Bhutan and Bangladesh. His strength is in planning and implementing field based and laboratory based (biomedical) research in diseases of public health importance in developing countries.