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Team's idea in one sentence

Easily identify, explore and locate major mountains and hills of Nepal using your smartphone camera.

Problem solved by the application

When we go to new places, we usually don’t know the name of the mountains/hills and sometimes we want to locate some specific mountain/hill. And also as a tourist, we look for best hotels to enjoy the scenery.

Main functions and elements of the application
  • Move your camera and identify the mountains (based on OpenStreetMap API)

  • Tap on the mountain to get detailed information about the mountain

  • Display best location to view a mountain and route to that location

  • Locate a given mountain by giving directions to shift the viewfinder of the camera

  • Implement 3d view of that mountain from the given locations(like of google maps)

Targeted audience of the application

Tourists, Explorers

Main benefits of the application
  • Identify mountain

  • Locate mountains

  • Details about the mountains (distance / height / altitude difference between mountain and the user)

  • Best location to view that mountain and route to that location

Platforms in which application will be developed in Android

Team Members

Rohit Shrestha (Team Leader)
Team is full.