Training on UX, UI and Mobile App Development
Ncell App Camp’s training on UX, UI and app development held

Training on User Interface, User Experience and App Development seminar for 150 teams was organized on November 8, 2015. 
The training sessions were focused on design and technical aspects to make user-friendly apps on Android, iOS, Windows and SMS platforms. The session was undertaken by the industry experts namely, Mr. Anjan Shrestha, Mr. Anjesh Tuladhar and Mr. Rakeeb Rajbhandari of YoungInnovation, Mr. Ankur Sharma and Mr. Swapnil Acharya from Expressiv Studios, Mr. Chandan Gupta Bhagat of Yorbit Technologies, Mr. Kailash Gyawali of F1Soft International, Mr Neetin Sharma from 3 Callistos Services and Mr. Samesh Swongamikha of Codyssey Nepal.

The trainers handled the training with their respective core expertise. Trainers Ankur Sharma and Swapnil Acharya trained the participants about the theory behind designing apps and their interface. Anjan Shrestha, Kailash Gyawali and Chandan Gupta talked about User Interface for Android, iOS and Windows respectively. Other trainers Rakeeb Rajbhandari, Anjesh Tuladhar, Samesh Songamikha and Chandan Gupta Bhagat also shared their knowledge about the app development.

“Developers at times tend to focus on other aspects and miss out paying adequate attention to the way apps look and feel; this should not happen,” said Mr. Ankur Sharma. He said it is equally important to concentrate on designing part in order to make app more user-friendly. Another trainer, Mr. Swapnil  Acharya added,  “Creativity has no limit, it is infinite and the deeper you go the better, with this training we have created a base to their creation. Self learning is important and they can always come back to us if any problem, we have just showed them the way/process to work on their app.” Mr. Acharya had also trained the last year’s participants and was happy to see that the crowd has grown bigger in compare to last time. Further Mr. Acharya shared his thoughts to the participants as, “It is our responsibility to pass our knowledge. Don’t stop learning, as design is very dynamic and changes frequently so keep updating yourself, as things you learn today may be irrelevant tomorrow, so don’t stop learning and keep yourself updated with latest trend”. 

One of the participant, Kushal Pokharel, said the seminar helped him understand the importance of good design. “When engineers and IT developers like us think of making an app, we only think about coding,” he said. “Today’s seminar has helped us understand why design matters.” Shimshila Bharati, another participant representing the tourism section team with team title “Experience Nepal” shared about her app which would focus on the tourists visiting Nepal. “The app would inform them about the various festivals of Nepal. First two sessions were very useful Swapnil ji, presented in very precise manner, his examples helped a lot. As a designer, I used to work in illustrator for designing but now I will use sketch as suggested by Anjan Sir. It’s great that Nepal has such platform for us to learn so many things, it was an amazing experience overall.”
Another trainer, Mr. Chandan Gupta Bhagat sharing his thoughts on training as, “I talked about app designing for overall platform. Design is very crucial for mobile app as the more attractive and appealing the app the more users it will grab. The program is much better than the earlier one and I have yet to find any flaw. Create application, do not stop even if you don’t get selected you always have next opportunity is the message I would like to pass to the participants.”
Overall the training was quite productive. The participants were enthusiastic and passionate as their idea is slowly coming to reality. We wish them good luck.
The next seminar of Ncell App Camp 2015 is scheduled for November 23.