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Team's idea in one sentence

An app for HER (and anybody who cares for her) that will help her through every steps of her womanhood.

Problem solved by the application

Even though we live in this modern era of development and advancement of technologies, the women of countries like ours are still held back due to insufficient knowledge and guidance through various periods of womanhood. 

It is seen that women mostly hesitate to speak out their problems and are unable to find help to the most beautiful gifts bestowed by the nature (their first menstruation to being a mother for the first time)  
Apart from this, it is seen that women don't have adequate sexual and reproductive health knowledge.

Our team has kept this issue in mind and has a dedication to solve this problem to give a better present and future to the women of developing countries like ours. 


Main functions and elements of the application

Naari , our app, is possibilities and  oppurtunities for women to share experiences and views on health concerns of women. From pregnancy to childbirth, period tracking to fertility tracking, sexual and reproductive  to general women health issues; the app is a platform where the experts and wise people will provide with their suggestions to the one who seek those suggestions.

The dual language concept i.e both english and nepali will make our app more accessible.  

The users can choose the 'global' platform through which the user can connect with women worldwide,or can connect locally through the 'local' platform through which we aim at addressing the concerns of women who feel that their problems would be better solved by women from their own cultural traditional background.

Our family notification and childgrowth milestones features will make the user more connected to their family.

Targeted audience of the application

Girls and women of age 10 to 35. 

Main benefits of the application

The benefits are apprantely endless.Users( women) will get to know more about their body and what is happeing with them. They will not need to share some embarrassing moments with anyone anymore, all they will need to do is log in to our app. 

Our app will have guidance to everthing( menstrual heath to care during every stages of pregnancy and after child birth too ( i.e both neonatal and postnatal care.)

Platforms in which application will be developed in Android

Team Members

Pooja Khanal (Team Leader)
Team is full.