Gaurav Ghimire
"Homerepair App: An idea turns into real business"

'Ncell App Camp is more than just an app development competition'

Gaurav Ghimire is one of the founders of The Homerepair App, a managed home repair and improvement service startup in Kathmandu that provides its users with experts for their repair needs of plumbing, electrical, furnishing and masonry. Right now the app is being tested with more than 350 beta users, growing with 1-2 users registering every other day.

Ghimire was also one of the participants of Ncell App Camp 2014. He talks about his app, his experience in last year's Ncell App Camp and in the growing market of tech startups in Nepal.

Rather than an app, I would like to call it a service, says Ghimire about The Homerepair App. His bad experience in finding plumbers and electricians for petty jobs around the house was what led him to come up with the idea of The Homerepair App with his future co-founders, Ajan Lal Shrestha and Dipil Singh Saud.

So far, they've had both positive reviews and constructive feedback from their users and they are using their feedback to integrate few more features.

Ncell App Camp was announced around a month after we had started researching on the possibility The Homerepair App. And I have to say, it gave us the push that we needed to take off from just being an idea.

Right after registering with App Camp, the sense of responsibility and competition we had in ourselves was immense. And before we even knew, we wanted to see The Homerepair App happening in real.

Ghimire adds that through just few minutes of discussions, they were introduced to revenue streams they had not even thought of, the potential risks with the current business model and what they learned at App Camp is what helped them avoid those possible mistakes.

A year into the business, Ghimire believes that the market for tech startups and Appreneurs is definitely growing in Nepal. Ghimire and his team are definitely working to develop this market in the future.

The economy is changing, consumers now desire to be served right-now, and right where they are, and they are going to demand accessibility. And that is why we started The Homerepair App, making our user’s life easier by changing how they get their repairs done, all with just an SMS.

Few years down the line, we want to be the goto hub for any and all sort of repairs one would need. That’s a long way to go, and we are slowly working our way there. The mission of Doorsteps Pvt. Ltd. (the registered company of Gaurav and co-founders) as the name suggests is to build platforms that makes services as accessible as possible for our users, we started with The Homerepair App and there are other projects on pipeline where we’d be bringing in various other similar services to our user’s doorsteps.

Ghimire believes it is platforms like Ncell App Camp that help participants come out of the cocoon of app development and start understanding other various aspects that affect what they are trying to achieve.

Ncell App Camp is more than just an app development competition; it is a mix of hackathon, bootcamp and capacity building seminars and sessions where one is introduced to broader aspects of building a sustainable business.

It is platforms like these that give aspiring entrepreneurs access to multiple technical resources, where you get to interact with people, people who’ve built products, brand and businesses for themselves.  I am still in touch with a few resources who I reach out for any advices I need related to my business now and then, it’s also the network that you build here that is going to be with you for long.