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Team's idea in one sentence

GhumNepal will allow people to know about various places focusing on unrecognized ones and to establish communication among tourists worldwide

Problem solved by the application

1.People unfamiliar with a certain place can get any information about that place.

2. With multi-language facility, tourists with non-english tongue will have no problem at all in navigating the app

3.Eliminates the necessity to install several apps regarding travelling in Nepal.

4.Tourists can get company of each other in visiting that place after communicating people who have bucket-listed that location via the contact details provided.

5. Saves time by reducing the trouble of searching online in different websites.

Main functions and elements of the application

- Optimized & Packaged information about Places ( Transportation, Routes& Maps , Hotels, etc )

- A unique platform for hiring guides.

- Personalization of app through wishlists and personal Travel plans.

- Multilanguage features along with content in respective content

- Offline availability of Contents

-Integration with existing social sites and independent platform for experience sharing

-Timely updates on events and activities


Targeted audience of the application

1.National and international tourists

2.People enthusiastic about travelling

3.Archaeologists, anthropologists and researchers

Main benefits of the application

1.It makes people enthusiastic in travelling and looking for hidden places in various parts of Nepal.

2.It simplifies the task of non-English tourists in going through the app.

3.GhumNepal contributes hugely in promoting rural beauties and landmarks of Nepal.

4.For tourists who are wishing to travel, but are uncertain about the situations there, they can easily hire guide and porter. 

5.Through social media, commercialization can be introduced into the place such as foreign revenue, donations.

Platforms in which application will be developed in Android

Team Members

Anita Kiju (Team Leader)
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