Gantabya (Destination)
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Team's idea in one sentence

An app that recommends the tourists with the packages depending upon their mood and affordability, then guide them in every possible way to get there.

Problem solved by the application

Spending hours on the internet searching for places in a hope of finding the most suitable and affordable vacation sites isn't that simple. Moreover, finding the best deals for the vacation is even harder. This is the situtation where our app come in handy. Just describe your mood and the budget, then we offer you the vacation sites as well as a list of vacation packages or just transportation services to select from.

Main functions and elements of the application
1. Best Package: The app lists down the best holiday packages provided by different Travels and Tourism companies.
2. Search Package: The app has a search function to make the searching of the relevant and appropriate package simpler.

3. Post Ad (for Tour, Trek and Deluxe bus agencies only): The company can post the ad of their offers in our official webpage.

4. Search Bus tickets: Our app has a simple search function to search the bus tickets depending upon the departure and destination place.

Targeted audience of the application

Our app is targeted for the tourists with limited budget, newly established tour, trek and deluxe bus agencies. According to the survey we carried out, about 75% of the international tourists visiting Nepal comes with the packages already booked so, we want to cater in the remaining 25% of the international tourists as well as all possible internal tourists of Kathmandu and other urban cities. 

Main benefits of the application
1.Easy to get the list of best holiday packages. 
2.Easy to check out the reviews of the holiday packages.
3. One can simply enjoy the holidays without bothering about the payments (as the agencies will take care of all the payments).
4. One can easily search and book the deluxe bus tickets
5. One can make online payment through E-sewa as well.
Platforms in which application will be developed in Android, Others(Web Platform)

Team Members

Sushil Shakya (Team Leader)
Team is full.