Forest Ranger
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Team's idea in one sentence

Forest Ranger is a First Person Shooter 3D game where game character is a Forest Ranger who have to travel in a forest and defend it from poachers.

Problem solved by the application

This Ranger game is to provide entertainment to the user along with this to provide awarness about the poaching of wild animals.

Main functions and elements of the application

Our game is 3D game being developed with the latest technology.

It can be played both on single player mode and multiplayer mode(online).

It is physics based game with the compliance of different cinematic scene.

Player can take entertainment from the real time environment of the game and other physic based animation.


Targeted audience of the application

Target audience are people above the age of 14.

Main benefits of the application

This Ranger game will help the player to increase their Cognitive Skills, improve their memory power, logic and reasoning , auditory processiong and visual processing.

Platforms in which application will be developed in Android, iOS

Team Members

Amir GC (Team Leader)
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Business developer Designer Developer
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