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Team's idea in one sentence

App that lets tourists know about different cuisines of Nepal, their recipe, and notifies about the restaurants around them and upcoming events.

Problem solved by the application

Many people visit Nepal because of its rich and diverse culture. The knowledge of the culture and lifestyle of people won't be complete until we know about their cuisines.

Tourists who want to try different foods donot know about different curture and region specific foods and the good restaurants where they can enjoy them. People should visit different sites or go through books to find the appropriate recipes of different foods. They also should go through different sites to know about the upcoming events that could make their trip memorable.

Solutions to all these problems can be found in our app. Our app will allow the users to know about the different foods specific to culture and geographical region, along with their recipe and cultural/religious significance. In addition, it notifies the user about the dish of the day whenever the user opens the app. This app will also locate some major places/restaurants where tourists can enjoy these cuisines, in the certain radius as desired by the user. Additionally, users can discover the upcoming events around them.

Main functions and elements of the application

Our app will provide informations regarding different cuisines of Nepal, specific to culture, region and season. It will provide the recipe and significance of the food variety. It will locate some major places (restaurants) where these foods can be found, in the certain radius area as specified by the user. It will also notify the users about the special food in the certain location (by gps tracking). It has a search panel where user can manually search the food items.

Targeted audience of the application

It is mainly targeted to cultural tourists and food lovers who are interested to know about different cuisines of Nepal and enjoy it. It can also be helpful to the local tourists who want know about the cuisines of other cultures. It is also targeted to restaurants owner to spread their business through partnership. It is also helpful to the housewives interested in cooking and the students of HM.

Main benefits of the application

The main benefits to the users are:

1. Cultural tourists will no more have to wander here and there to know about different cuisines of Nepal, along with their cultural significance.

2. Food lovers can enjoy different cuisines by knowing about the foods and the good restaurants to enjoy them.

3. They can find good restaurants in desired location, by manually inputing the radius, and the app will locate restaurants in that specified area.

4. They can learn the recipe of different cuisines and help them spread in foreign countries.

Platforms in which application will be developed in Android

Team Members

Basanta Chaulagain (Team Leader)
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