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Team's idea in one sentence

A platform-adventure video game in a world of “mirrors” which when crossed leads to alternate realities with conflicting gravities.


Problem solved by the application
  • Lack of decent game with new ideas
  • Poor game industry in Nepal
  • Boredom
Main functions and elements of the application
Flipped is a platform-adventure video game with a 2d-sidescroller world. The player has to guide a boy through a world where the obstacles are ‘Mirrors’ such that when the protagonist encounters a mirror, he is ported to a world where everything gets flipped i.e, turns upside down. In this alternate world, the gravity works in the opposite direction. The protagonist now walks on ceilings, jumping takes him to a lower height rather than higher; just opposite to that in a real world scenario. Presence of hyperreal objects, that are not affected by change of reality and have constant direction of fall, make things more interesting. This way, a world with obstacles is presented and the player needs to make proper decisions in order to tackle the obstructions and march forward.
The storyline starts with a scene of a boy and his pet dog playing around. Day turns into night, and it’s time for them to sleep. As they are dozing off in the boy’s bed, something odd happens: there’s lightning and shaking and a portal, or “Mirror” as we call it, appears in the room. The shaking causes the dog to fall through the mirror and disappear. Now the whole game is a mission undertaken by the boy in the search of his lost dog.
Targeted audience of the application
  • Anyone who enjoys adventure games
  • Anyone who enjoys thrills
Main benefits of the application
  • Fun to play: helps kill boredom
  • Increases problem-solving skills
  • Good storyline
Platforms in which application will be developed in Android

Team Members

Slesa Adhikari (Team Leader)
@Frozen Helium
Team is full.