Training on Business Development, Idea Pitching and Presentation - Day 2
First training in Ncell App Camp series concludes

The first capacity-building training for 150 teams selected for the biggest mobile app development competition - Ncell App Camp 2015 - concluded on Wednesday, imparting knowledge to the participants on how to convert app idea into an enabler for a sustainable business.

The training also focused at enhancing capacity of the teams for pitching their product, so that each team could hone skills at presenting their product and winning hearts of the potential investors.

The two-day training on ‘Business Development and Idea Presentation and Pitching’, was conducted by Sohan Babu Khatri Three H Management. “All apps cannot be stand-alone; we need to build a business around the app to make it sustainable,” said Khatri. “And for any business to be sustainable, we need to look at things from the consumers’ perspective,” he added.

Khatri informed them of tools they could rely on for getting customers’ perspective. He also coached mentored them on how they can present their idea/products in best manner.

“The way the training was packaged was very plausible. I now understand why Ncell App Camp is the biggest learning opportunity,” said Divya Gurung, one of the participants of the Ncell App Camp 2015. “Initially, we were focused solely on technical part. After the first day of training on business modelling, I have realized making my idea relevant to the users and building business around it is equally important. My team has started thinking and working in this line,” she added.

Ncell App Camp 2015 is Ncell’s CSR initiative launched in partnership with Nabil Bank, Kathmandu College of Management, e-Sewa and MetLife. It aims at providing opportunities for young talents to apply their creativity for developing innovative solutions in areas like Games and Entertainment, Health, Tourism and Utilities.

“Given that twenty-five percent of Ncell App Camp 2014 finalists have launched their own start-up, we believe Ncell App Camp this year will also produce spending results, contributing to unleashing of country’s digital potential,” said Milan Sharma, corporate communication expert of Ncell.

Through Ncell App Camp training and seminars, the teams will work on their app ideas and develop working prototype of their apps, following which a total of 24 ideas (six from each of the four categories) will be shortlisted on December 12, 2015 for the final competition.

Before the final competition, 24 teams will receive one-to-one mentorship on business modeling, and user interface and experience, among others. On December 22, one best team in each category will win a cash prize of Rs 250,000 and a grand winner from among them will win an additional cash prize of Rs 500,000, and an opportunity to participate in an international event in 2016.