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Team's idea in one sentence

App to keep you notified about various events happening in the country

Problem solved by the application

Most of us are unaware of events going around and with that we tend to lose many opportunities. This app will help the you discover events of your interest.

Main functions and elements of the application
  • Lists all the events happening in the country

  • View event details, including maps and directions

  • Categories them to different fields – music, business, fashion, arts, parties, sports, etc.

  • Subscribe your area of interest and get notification on those particular events

  • Share events you are attending

  • Promote events

  • Estimate number of attendees in a particular event
Targeted audience of the application
  • Business Professionals : seminars, business conferences, entrepreneurial talk events, investors gathering events, IPO events

  • Youths: parties, concerts, live music, street festivals

  • Sport fanatic: sports & fitness events, gaming events

  • Health & Fitness:   Fitness events. Nutrition Programmes, Yoga events, Blood Donation Programmes

  • Entertainment:  Fashion shows, film screening, theatre shows, tattoo conventions

  • Competitions: Dance competitions, singing/music competitions, software development competitions
Main benefits of the application

- Discover events happening in/around you.

- Be a part of the event of your interest and never miss the opportunity

- Easily locate the place of event

Platforms in which application will be developed in Android, iOS

Team Members

Sujata Pujari (Team Leader)
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