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App to book all travelling needs from verified vendors to make your visit hassle-free; notify you the latest update on selected events.

Problem solved by the application

Booking a holiday trip in Nepal is a tiresome experience if you want to do it by yourself without the help of travel agents. We have so limited option to choose from, and very less option to customize the plan according to our preference. If we try to plan and execute holiday package by ourselves there is maximum probability of being cheated and the hassles associated makes your decision to skip travel agent a regrettable one.Nep Trip helps the user to book everything ranging from transportation to book your favorite course in your desired restaurant in the place you are about to visit. This facility will eradicate any sort of inconvenience associated with travelling besides helping user to explore new destination; the potential tourist center can well organize their limited resources to meet users demand.   Annually hundreds of festival and events are organized however very few of targeted customers are well-informed about the event. Nep Trip will notify user the latest update on their selected event and keep them well-informed.  Whereby organizers get chance to reach the mass with well-organized package. 

Main functions and elements of the application

1.       Booking every travel needs2.       Internet based destination search3.       Personalized activity exploration

Targeted audience of the application

How many of us will be interested to celebrate Buddha Purnima to mark his birthday, but what are the option for us to do so, virtually nothing at all. What if Lumbinis’ local organize annual celebration to mark this day and we (the enthusiast) get notification and offer ranging from accommodation to things to do; won’t we be interested. Will there be any hassle or dilemma to join the event?Nep Trips’ target audience is tourism industry as a whole ranging from foreign and internal tourist to bus operator. Nep Trip gives tech savvy user to control each and every aspect of their upcoming trip to avoid any kind of discomfort and dissatisfaction. Event notification allows both the tourist and organizer to maximize their interest and gain most out of it. Through Nep Trip it would be easy and economical option to target foreign tourist.Nep Trip also gives wings to those who want to explore in their own term and not rely on tour operator. Couples can plan their honeymoon or romantic trip according their taste to make it the most memorable moment in their life. 

Main benefits of the application

Below mentioned features are in addition to regular features in market like trip advising, review, feedback, language translation, currency conversion, weather reports, etc.Nep Trip acts as an online platform for each and every stakeholder associated with travelling besides clients. For example: booking restaurant, vehicles to tour city, ticket to organized event, etc. Transportation operator, accommodation operator, event organizer or any other participant that directly helps to boost local tourism will be benefitted as a verified vendor of Nep Trip.Nep Trip categorized user in following group to make it easy and instant access to book everything they need to make their trip a successful and memorable one:·         Religious Trip·         Romantic Trip·         Adventurous Trip·         Trip to village·         Trekking·         OthersNep Trip gives users access to best price available in the market using price matching engine that filter out best price among hundreds of offer and prevents user from spending hours to sort out best price.Nep Trip allows users to customize their trip according to their taste and budget, let you truly roam around your favorite place in full freedom without burden of a group of traveller you never met before.Nep Trip will have account option integrated with users’ profile where user can deposit or withdrawal cash out of it. Integrated account eradicates uses of third party software to transact cash and open opportunity for the user to receive discounts and special treatment. Whereby ‘Verified vendor’ can be assured that they will get their service fee without any hassles.Nep Trip will have a part-timer as our local representative who will provide us the detail information of that area which is not available in online. The first hand data will very useful for foreigner as well as locals to finalize their plan and it will suppress any fraudulent claims made by middle man.As Nep Trip has to be finished within short time frame,  we will continue to develop the app post ncell app cam and add following features within 2016:·         Tracking booked vehicles location at Real Time·          Mapping few best restaurants’ tables and menu (with their special) from every major tourist destination, just like cinema halls seat to make it more interactive and rich experience·         In-built online store for the local products from tourist destination that will help local earn extra bucks and visitors rare chance to get hand on the products that won’t be available in their areas·         And many mores.

Platforms in which application will be developed in Android

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