'English Filili'
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Team's idea in one sentence

"English filili" is a two way learning source, for nepalese to learn english and for foreigner to learn nepali language. 

Problem solved by the application

There are many people who are struggling to learn english language.Though many such apps are present for other languages , none are present for Nepali language.This app can be benificial to those who want to learn nepali language too. The app has hidden mmotive of cultural prosperity i. e . prosperity of Nepali language.

Main functions and elements of the application

1. The app basically contains audio and text interfaces.It contains daily basis learning model for example: verbs, phrases, sentences , songs etc.


Targeted audience of the application

1. Many Nepalese who want to improve their english, the app can be source to various english learning materials that could be fun (songs , writings too)

2. foreigners who want to learn nepali language.

Main benefits of the application

1.Learning English language easy for those who are sturggling to get a grab of this language

2. For foreigners who are here (for tourism purpose or any other ),it can be a fun as well as a teaching app for them.Since it is a dual language linked source.


Platforms in which application will be developed in Android

Team Members

Rabin Banjade (Team Leader)