Eco Commerce
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Team's idea in one sentence

Eco Commerce is an app which allows you to plant trees on specified sites from your smart phone.

Problem solved by the application

This application will improve greenery to our environment for healthier and happier life. The main goal of this app is to act as a medium to combine commercial, social and environment goals equally. This kind of act brings positive impact in society and environment. This would also be the medium for successful business goals by keeping good relationship with customers and improve internet marketing.

Main functions and elements of the application
When some e-commerce website or app holders buys trees package form our app. We ensure them to plant trees for every successful purchase they made with their customer. They can also navigate where to plant trees within certain location app has provides. They can also see other trees other people has planted. Another important function of our app is to show their customers a message that "Purchase they made will help an environment by planting trees" in their site. This could be the new techniques for running successful ecommerce business and new way of interacting with customer.
Our app sells trees kits and help our customer(other e-commerce) to navigate where they want to plant trees and see where they have grown through map with their name on it. It also help to show custom label of tree plantation message to customers of our customers.
Targeted audience of the application

The target audience is e-commerce website and app holders. We have also targeted enviromentalist and influential youths willing to make an impact for greenery

Main benefits of the application

The users have diferent approach on the purchase section. The different approaches are useful on different basis. This app can be used as a buisness upliftment tool giving various offers. It also can be used as a medium to plant trees on sites where they will be looked after really well. Thus this app is to the people who are willing to spend a liitle money to promote greenery.

Platforms in which application will be developed in Android

Team Members

Madhav Poudel (Team Leader)
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