Dr. Bishal Dhakal
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Health at Home

Health at Home Pvt. Ltd. (HHPL) was started 5 years back in 2009 as an idea, which transformed to innovation, which later transformed as an inspiring service delivery model in this short span of time. For this contribution and work health at home was recently awarded surya Nepal social entrepreneurship award (SNASEA-­‐2012). Health at home provides service in cradle to grave philosophy and have been able to serve 2 days old baby till 102 years old gentleman. This organization strictly serves in out of hospital service environment only and does not have tie up with hospitals or affiliation with organizations. It is an independent organization. Health at home provides service for physician consultation, nursing care management, caregiver placements, lab work ups, physiotherapy services, Appointment management, Travel support and logistics. We also do coordinated care management for people in complex care like in cancer, renal failure, respiratory failure, and cardiac failures. 

Dropping out from Cardiac surgery residency and to start health at home as a social enterprise was a starting point for founder Dr. Bishal Dhakal. Dr. Dhakal started service single handedly and was not supported by family and friends for this experimental venture. His venture was slow in development but has been able to achieve a milestone by solving people’s issues in healthcare service delivery. His keen interests revolve around new age healthcare solutions design, develop and delivery process buildup.

As a Panelist

November 23, 2015
1:30pm to 4:15pm
Soaltee Crown Plaza, Tahachal
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Healthcare is a gigantic business worldwide. Every day people are looking for ways to make health accessible through efficient methods and mobile applications have proved to be one of the best choices.