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Team's idea in one sentence

Dirghayu app will provide complete solution for medical record management about the past checkup and drugs taken; for future analysis along with alte

Problem solved by the application

Its almost difficult for us to remember to carry all the medical history reports during checkups. Our cloud based system will make it easier to update report data and medicine prescribed through their phone and they can access anytime anywhere.


Similarly patients can find alternative medicine of same generic if prescribed one is not available or costly. Users will also get to know about legal status of drugs, possible sideeffects of alternative medicines.


Based on the analytics of medication, user will get notified upon refilling from nearest pharmacies with price details.

Main functions and elements of the application

✔ Storage of medical reports whether it’s different types of data (BP, Glucose level, RBC count etc.) or medicine taken in past with their details.


✔ Medicine alternatives (with pictures) for unavailable medicine or costly medicine with their details (Drug name, description, indication, synonyms, pharmacology, toxicity, dosage, brands, price, mechanism of action, affected organism, drug interaction, drug category, myths and realities,) and pharmacy details where we can get that medicine.


✔ Users can get to know about legal issue of any medicine especially banned or most controversial medicine from the past and their history.


Information about upcoming healthcare related programs, campaigns, blood donation, and rally.

✔ Daily health tips.

Targeted audience of the application


Our app will be mainly used by chronic disease patients for whom proper medicine usage detail and checkup report is such an important asset. They can use our app for medication alert as well. Healthcare professional and medical students will use this app to know about the detail of registered medicine available in Nepal and their alternatives available in the market. 

Main benefits of the application
  1. Cloud based medical record management facility along with medication history. Users also can digitize their old medical report with our pro plan.

  2. Alternative drug recommendation with pharmacy detail(with (MRP) where they can buy that medicine and MRP.

  3. Users will get to know about detail description of drugs and their possible side effects.

  4. Information about upcoming healthcare related programs, campaigns, blood donation, and rally.

  5. Daily health tips.


Platforms in which application will be developed in Android

Team Members

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