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Team's idea in one sentence

An social delivery app that allows users to request travelers/commuters traveling to their location to deliver their products on the way.

Problem solved by the application

-It slashes delivery/shipping charges (local, domestic or international) for individuals requesting delivery of products by a significant amount compared to other forms of traditional delivery services.

-It minimizes delivery time and provides platform for frequent travelers/commuters to monetize their travel.

-It also cuts carbon footprint/pollution as it makes optimal usage of the existing travel mechanisms to make deliveries possible instead of adding new ones.

Main functions and elements of the application

-App will contain an option for international/domestic/local delivery, the type of user Traveler (Deliverpal) or Buyer/Client and the type of product to be delivered.

- Travelers, who elect to be a Deliverpal, can choose the type of delivery, the pickup location and destination they are traveling to make the delivery.

-Buyers/Clients can request delivery of products from potential Deliverpals traveling to their area.

-Travelers can check the app portal to track the amount of money they have made through commission on each delivery.

-Buyers/Clients can top up their Deliverpal account and make necessary transactions online to purchase products or request delivery of their products.

-Buyers can rate the services of their Deliverpals.

-The app will set limits on the type/dimensions of products that can be delivered.

Targeted audience of the application

- Online shoppers, Local/Domestic individuals or businesses

Main benefits of the application


-Users, who request delivery, can get their products delivered faster and at a cheaper price compared to traditional forms of delivery service.

-Travelers who deliver the products can monetize their travel by earning commission on each delivery.

Platforms in which application will be developed in Android, iOS

Team Members

Abhushan Gautam (Team Leader)