Deepesh Paudel


Theatre Practitioner


Sarwanam Theatre

As an avid theatre learner and an MBA graduate, Deepesh Paudel continuously seeks to establish equilibrium between arts and management. His attempt often revolves around the works related with the study and practice of theatre in Nepal. Being associated with Sarwanam Theatre for over four years as an artistic member, Paudel has worked in various domains of theatre like writing, directing and mentoring. Hisnotable works include; Kaya- a perishable layer (writer/director), Sphatik- their parallel escapes (writer/director), Dr. K. Misfit (writer), Aawaz (writer/director) and Oliver Twist(Director). He is also one of the members of the theatre faculty team at Sarwanam Theatre. Besides, Paudel has a keen interest in observing and writing about the core mechanisms, principles and developmental issues of the pertinent theatre scenario. Some of his published works in the field of theatre are: MBA Graduate Thesis on "Factors Affecting Growth of Nepali Theatre –a study of audience's perception." (2015), Dramatic Solutions, November 15, 2015, The Kathmandu Post. etc. Paudel aims to work in the areas of artistic expressions and academic development of Nepali theatre. Apart from that, Paudel is currently associated with the Institute of International Management Science as an MBA faculty member, and he's been working as an editor for the Shangri-La in-flight magazine.

Seminars & Training

As a Panelist

November 23, 2015
9:00am to 11:45am
Soaltee Crown Plaza, Tahachal
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