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Team's idea in one sentence

Comic Sans provides readers with interactive comic reading experience & artists with a different level of digital comic making platform.

Problem solved by the application

-        The app aims to display comics to the user with interactive capability that will let the reader change comic windows and view comic conversation bubbles in a serial manner in a single screen tap.

-        The app will also help comic artists a digital comic making platform where they don’t have to worry about managing the sequence of conversation and conversation bubbles blocking the scenery.

Main functions and elements of the application

-        The app allows a comic artist to upload the digital comic pictures without the hassle of the conversation text.

-        The conversation text along with their sequence can be added through the app’s “artist’s dashboard” side itself.

-        Comic readers will be able to choose their favorite comic to read, and it will be displayed to them on a comic window by window basis.

-        Users can view the comic pictures, tap on the screen to get the comic conversation bubble in the correct sequence.

-        Users can choose to automate the comic to generate next comic window and/or dialog box based on a timer, or tap screen to go to next dialog box and/or comic window.

Targeted audience of the application

-        Comic artists

-        Comic readers and enthusiasts

Main benefits of the application

-        This app will help promote comic artists and connect comic artists with comic readers. It will help remove the abstraction between comic artists and readers.

-        An interactive way of reading comics for comic readers.

-        An interactive way of developing comics for comic artists.

Platforms in which application will be developed in Android

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Bipal Shakya (Team Leader)
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