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Team's idea in one sentence

Accounting for individual to keep track of daily and overall financial transactions and help maintain ones economy.

Problem solved by the application

  • Every individual finds it difficult to keep track of income/expenses, to do the saving and planning of it.
  • Different banks or financial institutions provide transaction details but keeping track of all and know ones economic status is difficult.
  • Accounting system for individual is almost not available in the market.


All these problems are intended to be solved by this application


Main functions and elements of the application

  • Accounting in easy interface and understandable without accounting knowledge.
  • Offline usability as well as online synchronization based upon user subscription.
  • Overview of different accounting groups and overall summary.
  • Mutual transactions and verification between users.
  • Notification about mutual transactions and reminder about transaction to be carried out.
  • Multilingual and other setups for user preferences.
  • News feeds update.
Targeted audience of the application

Medium or low income source persons and small scale businesses.

Main benefits of the application
  • Track of income/expenditure and current saving.
  • Synchronized data kept safe even if  device data cleared.
  • All different bank accounts, online accounts, income sources, expenditures, loan, lend money tracked and maintained at one place.
  • Notification of mutual transactions and reminder for payment/collection to be done.
  • Settings and preferences of own.
  • Easy to use and understand.
  • News feeds about best ideas to manage ones economy and success stories.
Platforms in which application will be developed in Android

Team Members

Laxman Maharjan (Team Leader)
Team is full.