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Team's idea in one sentence

'Bravo' is a 2.5D, eco friendly, endless runner game to teach children keep environment clean and make them aware of effects of pollution.

Problem solved by the application

This application teaches children healthy habits. Avoiding junk foods, eating too much candies and inspiring children to keep environment clean by throwing wastes in dustbin are some of these healthy habits.

Children learn this healthy habits subconsciously while playing the game. Their aim is to avoid as much junk food and candies as possible and collect the wastes and put them into dustbin to gain score.


Main functions and elements of the application

This is an endless runner game where player runs till he dies. It's 2D and very easy to play and attractive graphics lures the children. Player has to dodge junk foods, candies and collect wastes and place them in dustbin to collect points.

Similarly, after collecting certain points, there is a quiz question which he has to answer in order to gain bonus point and move on playing game.

Targeted audience of the application

Target audience are children of age 6 – 10 years who loves playing game in mobile phones.

Main benefits of the application

Children can play this game and side by side learn healthy habits.

Platforms in which application will be developed in Android

Team Members

Nikesh Gyawali (Team Leader)
Team is full.