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Team's idea in one sentence

App that let users to check for events, plays, movies and other entertainment activities happening around you and book and buy tickets effortlessly.

Problem solved by the application

The problem that this app will solve are

1. People may miss their most awaited events as they can forget the date for event.This app will notify them about their most awaited events

2.They do not have to stand in queue to buy their ticket.This app will provide an easy and efficient way to book their show.

3. Let user to know about all the happening events and event details.


Main functions and elements of the application


Lists of events categorised under different topics like movies, sports, plays etc

User Profile

Let user to select their prefrences and get notified when booking opens for most awaited events.


Let user to search for event .

Book and Buy Ticket 

User can either book the ticket for their show or can buy the ticket.

Purchase History

Let user to track past purchases.


Targeted audience of the application

It covers all the people who like to watch movies, plays, sports etc

Main benefits of the application
This application is definitely a one-stop shop for all your ticketing and entertainment shows.This will let user to  check events listing, event show time, event venue and book their tickets on the move using their Android Devices.
Platforms in which application will be developed in Android

Team Members

Chitra Parsaila (Team Leader)
Team is looking for
Business developer
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