Biswas Dhakal


President and Chairperson


F1Soft International

Biswas Dhakal, President and Chairperson of F1Soft International, is testimony to the adage, “Passion leads to success". With his passion for technology, he started F1Soft International with the vision to exploit the optimal benefits of IT in a country like Nepal so as to cater not only those in the cities but also those from the rural communities who do not have access to banks. With such a vision in place, Biswas Dhakal works ardently to put his ideas into practice. We have seen how e-sewa, Nepal’s first online payment gateway, rose into popularity within a few months of its launch. With whatever saving he had from his previous part-time job, Biswas Dhakal started the company with three developers, who were also the only employees, in 2004. F1Soft is now a robust business employing over 200 individuals and offering a wide variety of software development activities including micro payment solutions. His skills do not end with his office work as the head of the company. Biswas Dhakal projects a warm, cheerful and pleasing personality with a great sense of humor. His remarkable tactfulness in dealing with conflicts and thinking out of the box makes Biswas Dhakal one of the most admired individuals not only inside the company but also among the company’s clients and well-wishers alike.

Seminars & Training

As a Keynote Speaker

November 23, 2015
9:00am to 11:45am
Soaltee Crown Plaza, Tahachal
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