Bechau Fatafat
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Team's idea in one sentence

The app enables user to buy and sell their second hand items online. 

Problem solved by the application

People have lots of second hand items which create issue of space and management in their room/house. They are unable to find purchaser for such items as well. The app helps them resolve the issues of second hand items which have gone obsolescent for them. 

Main functions and elements of the application

The main function of my apps are:
1. Upload information about second hand items
2. Search and surf functions about products the users intends to buy
3.Match the query of user with most favorable options available for them

Targeted audience of the application

The target audience of my app includes a broad range of users who are looking for purchase of economical items as well as sale of their second hand items.

Main benefits of the application

1.People can get rid of the second hand item 
2.People can get good pay for the sale of their items and buy new products they were longing to buy using the cash
3.People looking for second hand items can get products as reasonable price
4.It allows users to bargain over the buy or sale of products

Platforms in which application will be developed in Android

Team Members

Ashesh Bhandari (Team Leader)
@Ashesh B