Bad Potato
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Team's idea in one sentence

Simple gaming app based on nepali saying . (एउटा कुहिएको आलु ले सबै आलु ले कुहाउछ ) 

Problem solved by the application

This app can increase the concerntration power of the gamer who loves to play games in a more suspance way . And obviously it is familiar concet for Nepali user because they all know this saying . And it can fully entertain the user . 

Main functions and elements of the application

this app can unlock the next level with the increasing the difficulties .

here major character is the rotten potato but its like a villian so user need to avoid it and save other good potatos .

thats it. 

Targeted audience of the application

there is no any specific target audience cause everyone can enjoy playing this game.

but since it is based on the nepali saying so most of the nepali user will be interested on this . otherwise its for everyone like children , adult , and so on.

Main benefits of the application

Increases the logical ideas with the increase of difficulty.

ovbiously it wont be a boring app .

can increase the imagination power of the user .

they may be able to take a quick decision .

Platforms in which application will be developed in Android

Team Members

aashish (Team Leader)