Ayurvedic Remedies Nepal
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Team's idea in one sentence

App to know ayurvedic home remedies for various diseases.

Problem solved by the application

This app helps to motivate users to make use of ayurvedic remedies which have no side effects as compared to allopathic medicines.

Main functions and elements of the application

1. The app provides home remedies treatment for various diseases.

2. It gives information and tips on healthy fooding style

Targeted audience of the application

This app is targeted for people of all ages as it helps to make their lifestyle healthier.

Main benefits of the application

1. Helps to guide users on how to perform ayurvedic treatment for various diseases. For e.g. headache can be treated using home remedies like drinking boiled mixture of water, salt, methi, timur and neem leaves.

2. Nowadays people are having unhealthy fooding style which is the main cause for their illness and various diseases. Hence this app helps to provide information about healthy diets and fooding tips. For e.g. having meat mixed with mushroom can lead to serious illness which can even take life. Thus these kinds of mistakes on fooding style can be avoided using the app.

Platforms in which application will be developed in Android

Team Members

Nawaraj Kandel (Team Leader)