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Team's idea in one sentence

A 3D Endless Runner Game based on Social, Cultural, Political and Natural aspects of Nepal.

Problem solved by the application

# Our game is intended purely for fun..
# Raises awareness in social, political situations in the country
# Raises awareness of cultural and natural possibilities in the country
# Promotes 3D Game Development in Nepal by showing good games can be built even with little resources


Main functions and elements of the application

# Full fledge 3D game with character build up and growth
# Play as a politician and embark upon the journey to ultimately become the President of the country
# Missions and Challenges
# Build your Status, Unlock and Upgrade Skills, Gather Powerups, Artifacts, Treasures and many more..
# Beautiful 3D Graphics
# Gorgeous Environments
# Beautiful Settlements
# Different Obstacles and Powerups for entertaining and challenging gameplay
# Have fun customizing your character
# And Socialize by competing with Friends and Gamers throughout the Country and Globe

Targeted audience of the application

# Neplese Youngsters who are crazy of mobile games interested in action adventure genre
# Foreigners interested in visiting Nepal can get glimpses of the different aspects of country

Main benefits of the application

# Play a game which you can relate with your daily environment
# Promotes Cultural as well as Natural Heritages of Nepal through beautiful scenaries and settlements
# Trivia information about Nepalese history, culture, religion, vegetation
# Promotes internal and external tourism


Platforms in which application will be developed in Android

Team Members

Rabin Shilpakar (Team Leader)
Team is full.