Ancients of Mandala
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Team's idea in one sentence

A location based RPG allowing players to discover, persuade and level-up the ancient spirits after battling them from their allocated co-ordinates.

Problem solved by the application
Nepal holds ancient mythical stories in its every corners which are currently at risk of being forgotten due to progressing modernization. 
Ancients of mandala(AOM) collects these stories and brings them alive into their daily lives promoting our heritage.
In the busy modern age world, keeping in touch with your friends can prove to be difficult.
AOM brings friends together into a virtual world where they can keep in touch and compete with each other.
When people are running out of entertaining options to do during their leisure time, AOM perfectly fits it into the plan making them travel and explore.
Main functions and elements of the application
- Location based game:
Players have to actually move to different locations in city to discover the spirits
- Multiplayer game: 
Players can battle with their friends or strangers using their current roster
- RPG:
Players will collect and level-up their captured spirits
- Battle mode:
Turn based battle using available abilities 
- Story:
Relates to actual ancient stories within the city
- Achievements :
Players can attain achievements by battling gyms or participating in events.
Targeted audience of the application
- Local  enthusiastic gamers mainly from Kathmandu 
- Android users
Main benefits of the application
- Builds a platform for user to interact with their friends or to make new ones.
- Provides entertainment
- Promotes exploration
- Players attain ancient knowledge
Platforms in which application will be developed in Android

Team Members

Sudhir Shrestha (Team Leader)
Team is full.