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Team's idea in one sentence

Game to play classic tic-tac-toe in mobile version.

Problem solved by the application

It's an entertainment app, so it is basically a time-pass app, however, it can also boost your reasoning and logical skills.


Main functions and elements of the application

The main function/ element of our application is a 3*3 box, where the users inputs Os or Xs. One who makes 3 Os or Xs wins the game.


Targeted audience of the application

Everyone is our target audience, from nursery kids, to teenage boys/ girls, to college students and to grown-up. Everybody can play this game and get immense joy.

Main benefits of the application

The users can play this simple game and feel nostalgic about their childhood. They can play this game and get relieved from the stress. User's can play this game with their friend and get immense joy.

Platforms in which application will be developed in Android

Team Members

Kshitiz Maharjan (Team Leader)