8byte / Virtual Visit
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Team's idea in one sentence

Virtual-visit new places, monuments and exotic places (virtually) using a PhotoSphere, or in virtual reality (eg. google cardboard)

Problem solved by the application

First, people who love to see different places but can’t go there instantly can visit such places virtually with virtually zero cost and no time.

Also, prospective tourists can see what they can expect and see in the destination of their choice.

Main functions and elements of the application
  1. User can experience a virtual visit of any place with the app.

  2. Virtual Reality device support (eg. Google Cardboard)

  3. Even without virtual reality device, a nice scrollable PhotoSphere.

  4. Share photos and moments with other people over the globe.

  5. Share photos and moments on social networks

  6. Like, comment and share others’ photos and moments within the app or on social networks
Targeted audience of the application

Any user who have smart phone and is willing to experience the virtual world.

Main benefits of the application
  1. User can experience Virtual Reality.

  2. Share their experience of visiting different places with others virtually.
  3. See others' experiences on exotic places without going to the place itself.
Platforms in which application will be developed in Android

Team Members

Damodar Dahal (Team Leader)