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Team's idea in one sentence

The only travel utility app in Nepal that lets you find public transport routes, discover new places and hire/book vehicles for long-distance journeys

Problem solved by the application

User might not know the local transport route to a particular place. GhumGham will help these users by recommending them public transport. User won’t have to ask people or their relatives when they don’t know which bus or tempo or micro bus to take to go to other places. It also helps user to find shortest or fastest or cheapest options. It helps the user to know new routes and also can be a platform to be updated on such new routes and new transportation rates. The Transportation Authority keeps on updating the cost of travelling based on the fuel prices that are revised every 10 days. This can be an opportunity for the transport owners/ conductors to cheat ravellers. So , the app will keep such price updated.

Main functions and elements of the application
  1. Shows all possible public transportation routes to get into the destination

  2. Recommend the user of the best transport route, and also of traffic jam and/or vehicle availability.

  3. Different modes of transport, their estimated time and cost.

  4. The total estimated journey time, the estimated walking time and distance.

  5. Shows number of time user would have to change vehicle to reach destination

  6. Discover cafes, restaurants, etc nearby.

  7. Optimised backend system to ensure negligible mobile data usage.

  8. Hire, book or reserve vehicles(bus, micro, hiace, taxi)
Targeted audience of the application
  • Smartphone users of age group 17-40 who don't own private vehicles.

  • Foreigners who come to Nepal either for prolonged stay or for recreational visits

Main benefits of the application
  1. All possible public transport routes with their complete description drawn over a Google Maps view.

  2. Recommendation of the best route, considering the traffic and the availability of vehicles in that specific route.

  3. Vehicle fares and information based upon latest information as provided by Nepal government ensures accuracy.

  4. Useful to discover places nearby, such as cafes, restaurants, etc.

  5. Hire/Book private vehicles for long-distance travel.

Platforms in which application will be developed in Android

Team Members

Amit Bista (Team Leader)
Team is full.