मेरो साथी
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Team's idea in one sentence

Health app fully focused on providing clear information and assisting users to maintain a healty lifestyle.

Problem solved by the application

-  Lessen the dilemma of users in choosing the best hospitals and doctors.

- Easy to read contents and info also in Nepali language

- Lessen the hassles to take an appointment to any doctors 

- All fitness tricks and tips for maintaing a healty body and mind


Main functions and elements of the application

- Latest News and update on health sector

- Online Appointment can be done for major doctors within the valley

- Notification Features (Alarm)

- Can be used offline to some extent

Targeted audience of the application

Android app users mostly from 16 to 60 but still all the age group can be benefited with this app

Main benefits of the application

- Contents in both Nepali & English Language

- Free app

- Low Space 

- Newsfeed providing all the latest news on health sector (local & global)

- Fitness  tips for all age group

- Format of info ( text, images and videos links)

- Direct linkage to allmost all the major hospitals & Doctors of Kathmandu valley

- Queries and Feed back Menu

- Notification options (eg : Exercise timings, Medicines timing, doctors appointments etc)


Platforms in which application will be developed in Android

Team Members

Amit Bhattarai (Team Leader)