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Team's idea in one sentence

making user configurable (add/delete/modify) game app, so that content is according to child's intellectual capacity.

Problem solved by the application

since most of the child game mesmerize in unrealistic things like gta, counterstrike and it is unproductive in future. parent cannot do anything because they dont have time/access the internent enough. the game are not available according to child ability. now parent can be part in selection and design game for their child. similarly they can play with their child. also teacher can make mcq q&a game according to their lesson taught.

Main functions and elements of the application

user configurable element of game like picture, sound, text.

the button can have visible/nonvisible option.

button have work like next,play,sound on/off, random also. hence nontechnical people also add/delete the content and behaviour of game.

parental information about effective test making to improve their academic performance.

Targeted audience of the application

parents/guidance of pg to class 1.

parents who can invest time in mobile technology for their child so that they can guidance in internet too in future.

parent can also be fun with child in technology field .(a type of entertaintment)

Main benefits of the application

user can make their own multiple choice question.

choose/add the question and answer.

choose/add the picture and sound.

user can take help from other so that that game will found as soon as possible



example: since abcd can be found but ka,kha,ga not easily found.

Platforms in which application will be developed in Android

Team Members

narayan prasad nepal (Team Leader)